'Lion King' Fans Only Just Realized This Famous Actor Voices One of the Characters

Chances are most people have seen the Disney classic The Lion King, whether you watched it growing up or with your own kids.

The 1994 movie instantly became a family favorite, spawning sequels and even a live-action version released in 2019.

The storyline and cast are now familiar, with James Earl Jones reprising his iconic role as Mufasa for the recent remake.

Jones is a household name, known around the world for being the voice of Star Wars legend Darth Vader. But there's another cast member with an equally impressive reputation.

Disney fans are only just realizing the parrot Zazu was voiced by none other than Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr. Bean.

The 66-year-old achieved global fame with his often silent portrayal of the bumbling Brit, with the TV series growing in popularity in the 1990s.

It could be due to Atkinson's visual, rather than audible, humor that fans never realized the two characters were played by the same man—until now.

Movie buff Ryan___M shared a clip on TikTok on Monday after finally making the connection.

He wrote: "How have I only just realised this!!! I was today years old when I realised Mr Bean played Zazu."

The video shows Atkinson reading Zazu's part alongside the voice of young Simba, played by Jason Weaver, as he sings "I Just Can't Wait To Be King."

The clip has already been watched more than two million times, as fellow film buffs admitted they too never realized Zazu's origins.

Raiganlegge00 asked: "How did I not know this??"

Stephmcintoshx raved: "Omg 30 and just found this out."

Sarah replied: "No way stop I'm gonna cry."

Lara Lovegrove commented: "Well I've just found it out at the age of 28 an was in shock. How did I not know this."

Hnnhclrka said: "Omg how have I never noticed this, it's so obvious?!"

While TeeMikeylaa joked: "I didn't know he speaks."

Romeo I'm Waiting raved: "I thought his voice was familiar—this all makes sense now."

And it seems there's another familiar face on the cast, as Lou Macdonald revealed: "Welcome to the world of the knowing. . . also Whoopi Goldberg is one of the hyenas!"

While referencing another one of Atkinson's famous roles, Ilstangel reckoned: "Black Adder played Zazu, it has more of his zest and arrogance."

Atkinson didn't reprise his role as the bird for the 2019 version, with John Oliver voicing Zazu instead.

Newsweek reached out to Ryan___M for comment.

#9. The Lion King (1994)
Grab from the 1994 animated classic, The Lion King. People are just realizing there's a famous face in the cast they weren't aware of. Disney Enterprises, Inc.

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