List of Tasks Employee Must Complete in 1 Hour or Be Fired Angers Internet

The internet was left stunned by an employee's lengthy task list that they claimed they needed to complete within an hour or risk being fired.

In the post shared in the 2 million-member-strong AntiWork Reddit group, which can be seen here, user Chloe-Wolf shared a photo of a piece of paper with dozens of tasks they needed to finish.

The post, which has attracted over 22,800 upvotes since it was posted on June 28, was captioned: "My job tells me if I don't do all this in [an] hour I'm fired."

Tasks featured in the list included "floor swept, mopped, or vacuum," "kitchen light is free of bugs," and "A/C vents free of dust," among many other tasks.

On the piece of paper, the employee would need to tick off which cleaning tasks had been completed in the entrance, kitchen and living room.

Newsweek has contacted Chloe-Wolf for comment.

The post attracted many commenters who supported the employee and shared posts that appeared to understand why the hotel rooms they had stayed in were not as clean as they expected.

One Reddit user said: "This explains the state of most hotel rooms."

Another added: "We have ensured your safety by underpaying and overworking those essential to the task. Enjoy."

A third posted: "This is probably what 'deep cleaning' has meant this whole pandemic."

Others pointed out their experiences of watching employees carrying out a supposed deep clean of the workplace.

One posted: "My company praised itself on performing a CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) level deep clean whenever someone on-site reported COVID-like symptoms. One night, I actually got to see the deep clean.

"It was two dudes from the cleaning crew, two spray bottles containing some pink liquid and a couple of rolls of Bounty.

"They sprayed down the work surface/desk with a hefty amount of pink stuff. Then grabbed a handful of paper towels and wiped the desk. Then with the same now-wet paper towels, they wiped the keyboard, mouse and monitor a couple of times before wiping the arms and headrest of the chair and that was it."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are a number of ways people can build resilience and manage job stress.

These include:

  • Keeping a regular sleep schedule.
  • Taking breaks from work to stretch, exercise or check in with friends.
  • Spend time outdoors, either by being physically active or relaxing.
  • Practice mindfulness.
Stock image of overworked person cleaning
Stock image of a person overworked from cleaning. The post went viral on Reddit. Getty

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