List of Texas Democrats Who Fled State to Thwart Greg Abbott

At least 50 Democratic state lawmakers fled Texas on Monday in order to deny the legislature the two-thirds quorum required to conduct business, in an effort to prevent Republicans introducing new voting restrictions.

There is uncertainty about the exact number of Democratic members of the state's House of Representatives who have left Texas. There are 67 Democrats in the chamber but some remained behind while the majority flew to Washington, D.C.

The Texas Democratic Party has not released a full list of the lawmakers but photos shared on social media give an indication of which Democrats have left. Some legislators have also posted on Twitter about their decision to fly out of Texas.

Newsweek has compiled a partial list of the lawmakers based on their social media posts and photos of their trip to Washington, D.C.

Among the Democrats who have left were Caucus Chair Chris Turner and First Vice-Chair Toni Rose.

Other Democrats who departed on Monday include: James Talarico, Senfronia Thompson, Ray Lopez, Alma Allen, Ramon Romero Jr., Donna Howard, Diego Bernal, Michelle Beckley, Rhetta Bowers, John Bucy III, Liz Campos, Sheryl Cole, Nicole Collier, Jasmine Crockett, Joe Deshotel, Alex Dominguez, Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, Jessica González, Vikki Goodwin, Gina Hinojosa, Celia Israel, Ann Johnson, Jarvis Johnson, Julie Johnson, Trey Martinez Fischer, Ina Minjarez, Joe Moody, Christina Morales, Victoria Neave, Ana-Maria Ramos, Jon Rosenthal, Gene Wu and Erin Zwiener.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, said on Monday that the Democratic lawmakers who had left could be compelled to attend the special session of the legislature, and they may be arrested when they return to the state.

He also defended changes to the law, which critics say would make it more difficult to vote and disproportionately affect people of color.

"First of all, I'll tell you what the House of Representatives can do. What the speaker can do is issue a call to have these members arrested," Abbott told local station KVUE.

"In addition to that, however, I can and I will continue to call a special session after special session after special session all the way up until election next year. And so if these people want to be hanging out wherever they're hanging out on this taxpayer-paid junket, they're going to have to be prepared to do it for well over a year."

"As soon as they come back in the state of Texas, they will be arrested, they will be cabined inside the Texas Capitol until they get their job done. Everybody who has a job must show up to do that job, just like your viewers watching right now. State representatives have that same responsibility," he added.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued a statement on the legislators' decision to walk out of the session and leave Texas on Monday.

"Today, by breaking quorum to block Abbott's attacks on voters, Texas Democrats are making history," Hinojosa said.

"After Abbott dragged lawmakers back to the Capitol for his suppression session, Democrats are fighting back with everything we've got. We will not stand by and watch Republicans slash our right to vote, silence the voices of Texans of color, and destroy our democracy—all to preserve their own power."

"Our lawmakers have refused to be complicit in Republicans' destructive attacks—and they're doing what Texans need them to do: hold the line so that not one more anti-voter law can be passed in Texas," he said.

Newsweek has asked Texas House Democratic Caucus for comment.

Democrat State Rep. Chris Turner Speaks
Texas state Rep. Chris Turner, D-Arlington, speaks alongside members of the Texas House Democratic Caucus during a press conference on the first day of the 87th Legislature's special session on July 8, 2021 in Austin, Texas. More than 50 Democrats have left the state in order to deny the special session quorum. Tamir Kalifa/Getty Images