The NFL announced on Tuesday that Little Caesars will be taking over as the new official pizza sponsor of the NFL after Pizza Hut, and users on Twitter have joked that there is now a brand that "out-pizzas the Hut."

After taking over from Papa John's Pizza in 2018, Pizza Hut gained new fans while sponsoring the NFL for almost five years, but the new partnership with Little Caesars has prompted many jokes on social media.

One user wrote, "Pizza Hut needs a new slogan cuz Little Caesars just out-pizza'd The Hut."

Several users took to slamming the Little Caesars pizza chain.

Aaron Nagler, co-founder of Cheesehead TV, wrote on Twitter, "The league announces that Little Caesars is now the official pizza of the NFL. Good time [to] remind everyone that the cardboard-tasting personal pizzas you find at roadside gas stations are the official pizza of CheeseheadTV."

Another user wrote, "If you don't eat Little Caesars pizza within 15 minutes of buying it you might as well put some pepperoni on a Terry Bradshaw game worn jersey and eat it."

One user tweeted, "Only time Little Caesars is good is when you are drunk at 2am and you don't actually care how the pizza taste."

And writer David Gardner tweeted, "I love Little Caesars because they don't make any promises about how fresh their ingredients are or even how good their pizza tastes. All they promise is that it's hot and it's ready. Sometimes that's all you need."

However, some seemed pleased with the announcement of the new sponsorship. One user wrote, "Little Caesars is good pizza and doesn't deserve the hate it gets on here."

Another said, "Anyone on here hating on Little Caesars clearly has never had their Crazy Bread."

The new partnership will include new marketing campaigns for Little Caesars that are directed toward the NFL and football fans, including exciting promotions and new products and packaging, the NFL said on Tuesday.

"We're thrilled to welcome Little Caesars to the NFL family," said Renie Anderson, chief revenue officer and executive vice president of NFL partnerships. "With a focus on quality and convenience, Little Caesars offers unmatched value for our fans, and we look forward to working together to positively impact communities across the United States."

Dave Scrivano, president and CEO of Little Caesars, added, "This partnership aims to enhance the fun of game day by bringing the quality and convenience Little Caesars is known for to NFL fans across the country. And because we're the value leader in the pizza industry, hungry fans can enjoy weekly game time meals at a very affordable price during a time when food prices are on the rise."

Jill Proctor, the director of strategic communications and media relations for Little Caesars told Newsweek, "With the NFL's over 100 million fans, we're confident this partnership will reinforce the existing love for the Little Caesars brand, particularly at the key moment of game time meals.… We're also really looking forward to the opportunity to build on our decades-long charitable giving initiative, the Little Caesars Love Kitchen, by partnering with the NFL to do even more together."

Update 6/14/22, 11:30 a.m. ET: This story has been updated with additional information.

The NFL announced on Tuesday that Little Caesars was the new pizza sponsor for the football league, prompting many jokes online from Twitter users. Above, sponsor signs are displayed during the 2009 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl between the Marshall University Thundering Herd and the Ohio Bobcats at Ford Field on December 26, 2009, in Detroit.Mark Cunningham/Getty Images