Little Girl With Laugh Like Seth Rogen Has Internet in Hysterics

A video of a little girl who laughs just like the actor Seth Rogen has gone viral online, having attracted more than 2.1 million views.

The footage, which was shared to TikTok by a mom known on the app as Saruh2themax, shows the toddler running around the home as she produces a raspy and guttural laugh, similar to that of the famed comedian's.

Rogen is best known for his stoner-style comedy movies including "Knocked Up" and "Pineapple Express" where his distinctive laugh is often heard.

The parallel between the TikToker's daughter and Rogen's laughter was drawn by an account called Peabnutbubbner on a previous video.

They left a comment that read "Cute little Seth Rogen kiddo."

As a result, Saruh2themax shared the video showcasing her child's giggles, which can be watched here, alongside the caption: "Reply to @peabnutbubbner I can't unhear it now.

"#babylaugh #cutebaby #contagiouslaugh #hahaha #sethrogan #saruh2themax #toddler."

The video has gained lots of traction since it was posted on November 15, having attracted more than 374,700 likes and 13,400 shares.

Additionally, 2,400 people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the funny footage.

One TikTok user, Whateverjazmin, wrote: "I had a teacher who sounded exactly like Seth Rogan."

Another person, Jennifer Donovan, added: "That's the funniest thing I have ever seen."

Mama and Marina joked: "Seth Rogen come and get your kid."

Rissa revealed: "I would love to live everyday hearing that laugh."

Garbagesock added: "Just little Seth Rogen laughs all over your house."

Tori Stuht revealed that on her TikTok account "the video of Seth Rogen rolling a joint was right under this."

Thomas Adams observed: "That little one laughs with her entire being."

Ant begged: "Edit this to Seth's mouth, please and thank you."

T'so admitted: "I will literally bring my kid back to the hospital for an exchange if they laughed like this. How has she been smoking for 20 years, as a 2 year old?"

Liz opined: "Awesome laugh but wouldn't fancy hearing it at 3 in the morning when I'm alone in the house."

I like Snacks & Naps gushed: "Ahahahahahaha omg sooo cute!!!! I love this!"

Rogen, whose use of marijuana is no secret, launched his own weed company in 2019, called Houseplant.

Aside from selling his own strains including sativas Diablo Wind and Pancake Ice and an indica plant called Pink Moon, he also offers homeware and smoking paraphernalia.

Seth Rogen and baby
A stock image of a baby laughing and a picture of actor Seth Rogen. On TikTok a child has gone viral because people think she laughs just like Rogen does. iStock/Getty Images

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