Logan Paul's Wrestlemania Win Has Brother Jake Gloating: 'Bow Down'

Logan Paul's impressive debut at Wrestlemania 38 earned praise from his brother Jake Paul who gloated that WWE fans would "bow down" following the performance.

Paul teamed up with The Miz to take on the father-son duo of Rey and Dominik Mysterio in the third match-up at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Saturday.

Despite being booed, Paul seemed at home in the ring and performed well alongside two former WWE champions.

The social media star was able to pummel Dominik with a power slam and a bulldog off the top ropes.

As the bout drew to a close, Paul picked up for a skull-crushing finale winning the victory for himself and The Miz.

But as the pair celebrated their win arm in arm, The Miz turned on the social media star and took him out with a skull-crushing finale.

Despite the twist ending, Paul earned plaudits over his performance—including from his brother Jake.

The Disney Channel star-turned professional boxer joked that fans would need to show their respect following his brother's performance in the ring.

He said: "So proud of Logan for winning tonight, what a performance. I told WWE fans they would have to bow down. #WrestleMania @LoganPaul."

In a follow-up interview with WWE, Paul shared an explicit-ridden message for his teammate-turned traitor, The Miz.

He of his WWE debut: "I cannot believe I got to share a ring with the Mysterios and also won the match."

Paul later compared his takedown by The Miz to Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards.

The star added: "I'm still processing why Miz betrayed me. To be honest with you, if I had to guess, he's probably jealous. I was doing flips, I jumped off the top rope, I was doing coll s***.

"Put quite simply, he's obviously not capable of doing that s***. He's older, he's a little thicker. I'm nimble, I'm young, I'm spry. He doesn't have it like me and he got jealous and decided to turn on me."

Wrestlemania will continue today with Brock Lesnar going up against Roman Reigns to unify the WWE Championship and WWE Universal Championship in the main event.

Newsweek has contacted the WWE for comment.

Paul is no stranger to making headlines over his antics, with the YouTube star claiming earlier this year that he lost millions on Pokemon cards.

In a video posted on January 13 to YouTube titled "I lost $3,500,000 on fake Pokemon cards."

After the box was cut open, it quickly emerged the box was filled with fakes and even a slew of G.I. Joe cards. Paul later said: "This is the biggest fraud in the entire history of Pokemon."

Logan Paul pictured at an event
Logan Paul attends the Bootsy Bellows x Sports Illustrated Circuit Series After Party at Austin American Statesman on October 23, 2021 in Austin, Texas. Paul won his tag team match alongside The Miz. Getty