Louisiana Resident Called Cops When Taco Bell Ran out of Soft, Hard Taco Shells: 'While This Is Truly a Travesty...'

A customer was so upset upon discovering a branch of Taco Bell had run out of taco shells they called local police to complain about the shortage.

Luckily for the hungry customer, Slidell, Louisiana, police saw the funny side of the call. They recounted the "we can't make this stuff up" story on social media in a post that has been shared more than 2,100 times as of 4.00 a.m. ET.

Police wrote on Facebook: "Somebody called in to complain that the Taco Bell on Gause Boulevard ran out of both hard and soft taco shells. While this is truly a travesty, the police can't do anything about this. Hopefully, they are replenished in time for Taco Tuesday!"

Social media users had a field day with the post. User Stephen Williams quipped the caller was right to do so. "This is a tragedy! We are talking mass starvation since people can longer cook for themselves! It totally warrants an emergency call," he wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

"Just a good citizen reporting a crime," commented David Santos.

Others poked fun at the fast food company's supply chain. "Funny, I ran into a guy yesterday complaining that Taco Bell in Pearl River was out of Beef. If only they would have coordinated," wrote user Sonny Hodgson.

User Betsy Malone added: "They got my order wrong the other day!! I need justice!!"

And some users made light of the police response itself. "Slidell police department, this is definitely NACHO problem," commented Lynette Hudgens. Another user added: "now this is the stuff I want to see on Live PD."

Earlier this year, a man caused chaos at a Taco Bell in Florida, when he stopped for a snack with a World War II grenade in tow. The man said he found the device while magnet fishing. The restaurant was evacuated by police until a bomb squad could remove the weapon.

In other nacho news, in July 2017, police in Austin, Texas, responded to two fires in one week caused by the "spontaneous combustion" of tortilla chips stored in a warehouse. Police reported the incident on social media, telling users: "Tortilla chips...are responsible for holding all manner of very important things—like queso, salsa, nachos, and various other sundry items that are critical to a Texan's everyday life and well-being. So imagine how distressed we were to be called to a fire at a tortilla chip warehouse earlier this week...not once, but twice!"

Taco Bell, Police
Customers enter a Taco Bell restaurant on February 22, 2018 in Novato, California. A man called the cops to report a Louisiana Taco Bell had run out of tacos. Getty/Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)