Madonna Shares Video of Herself on the Toilet As She Continues Work on Biopic

Madonna has given fans an insight into her creative process as she continues work on the screenplay for her anticipated biopic.

The pop icon, 62, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share footage of herself working alongside screenwriter Erin Wilson as they sat together on a large couch.

With her track "Crazy" serving as the soundtrack, Madonna is seen saying: "Come on, Erin, come on. Important s*** is happening here."

After unveiling a series of throwback photos from her life and career, the Michigan native allowed the camera to follow her in the bathroom.

"We need some artwork in here," Madonna said as she looked around the stark white walls while sitting on the toilet.

After locating a roll of toilet paper and flushing, the star—sporting a pair of black-rimmed spectacles—turned on the faucet in the sink as she said: "Men don't wear glasses at girls who wear glasses."

Returning to join Wilson on the couch, Madonna said as the video came to an end: "Gotta sell tickets to this concert called life."

Last week, the singer shared a video of herself reading out a snippet of the script for her currently untitled film, which included a passage about a moment of sexual enlightenment.

"I discovered masturbation when I was 19," she read. "This dancer girl brought it up to me. She said, 'Do you have a boyfriend?' I looked at her like she was speaking Arabic. 'I don't blame you. Masturbation is so much more enjoyable,' she said. The concept of masturbation had not even occurred to me."

"She described it to me and I went home and I tried it that night... and I went, 'OK, now I get it. That's what people are supposed to feel during sex,'" Madonna continued. "That girl that told me about masturbation, she was a lifesaver."

Turning to the camera, the mother-of-six said at the end of the video: "It's the little things that you take for granted in life."

Madonna announced in June that she was working on the screenplay for her biopic with Wilson, whose credits include the 2002 film Secretary, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The news came after it was claimed that Diablo Cody had departed her previously announced role as screenwriter for the story of Madonna's life.

Entertainment Weekly reported in April that Oscar-winning Juno screenwriter Cody had submitted a completed draft of the biopic to movie studio Universal and moved on to another project.

During an Instagram Live session in September 2020, Madonna confirmed that she and Cody had been working on her biopic, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The star said that the film would be "about my struggle as an artist trying to survive in a man's world as a woman, and really just the journey."

She said: "We do talk about Andy [Warhol], and Keith [Haring], and Jean-Michel Basquiat and Martin Burgoyne and the whole coming up as an artist in Manhattan, downtown, Lower East Side in the early '80s.

"Honestly, [it's] one of the best times of my life, and one of the worst times. I hope I can portray or express what a thrilling time that was for me in every way.

"It's not a musical, but there's a lot of music, and there's a lot of the actress who will play me singing my songs, but in places where she's supposed to be singing," she added.

Madonna continues work on her biopic
Madonna shared footage of herself on the toilet on Tuesday (R) as she continued work on her anticipated biopic. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for MDNA SKIN/Madonna/Instagram

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