Makayla Noble Update As Paralyzed Texas Teen Cheerleader Put on Ventilator

Makayla Noble, the Texas teen who was left paralyzed after suffering a freak tumbling accident, has been placed on a ventilator after continuing to experience issues with her lungs, according to the family.

Earlier this week, the 16-year-old Prosper resident had begun receiving treatment for pneumonia—a condition characterized by inflammation of the tissue in one or both lungs that can be caused by a number of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Noble, an experienced cheerleader, was hospitalized in Plano, Texas after suffering a severe spinal cord injury while practicing tumbling—a form of gymnastics that involves acrobatic maneuvers—in a backyard.

Tiffany Smith, a family friend of the Nobles told Newsweek that the accident left her with no "movement in her hands, and she is paralyzed from the chest down."

"Medically speaking, Makayla has not been given a chance of walking again," Smith said.

After receiving treatment for pneumonia, Noble's breathing appeared to have improved by Wednesday. But in an update posted to Facebook on Thursday, the teen's mother, Jenn Noble, said her lung problems were persisting.

"Mak had the best morning and everything was going well until the doctors came in with her latest X-rays," Jenn Noble said on Facebook.

"She is still having some issues with her lungs, so she's having a procedure done today to help and clear that up. She'll be on a ventilator for the next few days to assist while she recovers. We are obviously disappointed with the setback, but Mak took the news in stride and is looking forward to napping for a few days."

The family are hoping that the problems with the teen's lungs will clear up soon so that she can be transferred to another facility where she will begin her rehabilitation.

In a video recorded before her procedure, Makayla Noble sent a message to all the people who had sent messages of love and support.

"Thank you so so so much for all the love and support and prayers. I'm getting flooded with them and my parents and family and friends are sharing them with me. All of you guys are just so amazing and I'm so blessed to just have you guys in my life, and have you behind me, supporting me through this long journey.

"Keep up the positive energy. My optimism has definitely not gone anywhere—still the same Makayla, just a little different now, but definitely still me, and I'm excited for the future, and to get a little bit better, and improve mentally and physically, and just see where God takes me.

A GoFundMe page set up by Smith to help the family with the teen's medical expenses has now raised more than $144,000.

"The response from our local community here in North Texas and the cheer community around the world has been incredible. There are so many friends, family, and total strangers offering to support the Noble family in their time of need. It's somewhat of a helpless feeling for all of us to see Makayla in this place, but we can pray and we can give financially," Smith told Newsweek.

"The Noble family is so grateful for the outpouring of love they have received over the last week through messages, cards, prayers offered up, meals delivered, and contributions to the GoFundMe campaign. This is an unexpected chapter in her life, but it doesn't end here. She's just getting started!"

Makayla Noble
Makayla Noble, the Texas teen who suffered a severe spinal cord injury that left her paraylzed from the chest down. Cedarbook Media