Makayla Noble Update As Almost $180,000 Raised for Paralyzed Texas Cheerleader

A fundraiser to help support the family of Makayla Noble, the Texas cheerleader who was injured in an accident in September, has gained nearly $180,000 in donations.

Noble, 17, suffered a spinal cord injury on September 20 while performing a gymnastics exercise known as tumbling, which involves flips, twists and jumps.

Her recovery progress has captivated thousands, with the cheerleader receiving an outpouring of support from people around the world.

Since her accident she has become able to move her arms, talk to the camera, confirm feeling in her legs and toes and recently, get off of supplementary oxygen. Earlier in October, her family said the chances of Noble walking again were slim.

In an update posted to Facebook, Noble's family said following her first full day of personal training on Monday: "Mak has had an amazing day and her spirits are high."

They added: "Mak is completely off oxygen, vent, IVs removed, etc... all machines have been removed from her room! Prayers definitely being answered, thank you!"

The news prompted comments from supporters, with one Facebook user writing: "Way to go! This is amazing news. Just love her spirit!"

Another wrote: "Mak, you are such a great inspiration to everyone!"

Meanwhile, a fundraiser on GoFundMe to support the cheerleader had gained more than $179,000 as of 5:15 a.m. EDT on Tuesday morning.

The fundraiser was initially launched on September 21. Currently, a fundraising goal of $250,000 has been set.

The most recent update from Sunday on the Makayla's Fight fundraiser reads: "We do want to clarify, she has feeling in her legs and toes but can't move them. We know we have a long road ahead of us. Please continue to pray with us!

One donor commented: "Makayla you are amazing! I wish you a quick and safe road to recovery." Another wrote: "As a coach, I'm inspired by your fight."

Noble has also received support locally. Back in September, crowds of people watching a homecoming game for Prosper High School in Texas wore purple in support of the cheerleader, according to regional news outlet NBC 5 DFW. There was also a moment of silence.

In addition, cheerleaders on the opposing team presented Noble's family with a donation.

According to cheerleading blog Omnicheer, tumbling is most often used at cheerleading competitions and during Olympic gymnastics routines. Some stage dancers may also use the gymnastics technique in order to give their performance a "wow" factor, according to the blog.

Makayla Noble
Makayla Noble, the Texas teen who suffered a spinal cord injury that left her paraylzed from the chest down. Cedarbook Media