Man Breaks Down in Tears When Girlfriend Surprises Him With Adorable Puppy

When a woman surprised her boyfriend with an adorable Dachshund puppy, the man was so overwhelmed that he actually broke down in tears.

Posting to TikTok on July 11, Umber Saiyan's video, which can be viewed here, begins with her journey to go and collect the sweet pooch.

She can be seen sat in the car alongside a friend, as the text overlaying the clip reads: "I surprised my boyfriend with our dream dog for his birthday."

Saiyan then shows footage of the tiny pup sat in her lap in the car as she strokes his head, explaining: "This is Blueberry. We call him Blue."

Once home, the dog can be seen with a red heart-shaped helium balloon tied around him.

Saiyan then films her boyfriend arriving home, with his eyes closed and his arms outstretched.

The text reads: "He thought our family had set up decorations and I told him to close his eyes."

After everyone yells "Surprise!" the man's eyes dart around the room until they finally settle on the cute pup.

Saiyan explains that she is dog sitter so her boyfriend initially thought the animal belonged to someone else.

He then bends down and begins nuzzling his new pet, exclaiming "Oh my god," before asking: "What? How? I have so many questions."

"Oh heck I'm crying," he adds and wipes away tears from his eyes. The video finishes with a montage of videos and photos of the pair.

Saiyan captioned the post, writing: "They were instantly obsessed with each other #longhaireddachshund #doxie #surprisepuppy #dappledachshund."

The video has so far been viewed a whopping 3.8 million times and received more than 704,400 likes.

Many people flooded the comments section with their thoughts on the heartwarming footage.

One TikTok user, Mandi, wrote: "Dachshunds are the best. Take a good care of them. Their souls are special."

Another person, Sarmix_a_lot, added: "Baby Dachshunds are the cutest puppies!!!"

Newgilbianca gushed: "This is wholesome as heck and I am HERE FOR IT."

Redsonja80 joked: "I would buy anything that puppy tried to sell me, whether I needed it or not."

LilDragonDucky exclaimed: "Awe little doxie be careful though they are like potato chips, you can't just have one."

To this, Saiyan replied: "Hahaha we've already named our future ones, they're just so loveable and perfect."

And in other happy dog-related news, a video has recently gone viral of an adorable Jack Russell Terrier enjoying a massage.

In the clip, which was shared to TikTok by Hannah Cassidy, the cute animal can be seen blissfully enjoying his owner working out tension in his chest and shoulders.

The footage is stitched on to an instructional video on how to massage a dog, and is captioned: "I think the @dr.adamchristman52 technique works. #dogmassage #hernameisturtle."

A Dachshund puppy
Stock image of a Dachshund puppy. A man on TikTok was brought to tears when his girlfriend surprised him with a similar pooch. Getty Images