Man Bursts Out Laughing at Friend's Girlfriend's Eyebrows, Ruins Evening

A man allegedly ruined everyone's evening after he burst out laughing at his friend's girlfriend's eyebrows after she put makeup on to get ready to go out. The man's reaction made the woman cry, and what was supposed to be an evening out at the bar ended before it began.

The incident was recounted on Reddit in the subreddit "Tifu," or "Today I F**ked Up," and it has 17,800 upvotes since it was shared on February 6 by u/Sliightly. The post is titled, "TIFU by laughing at my friend's girlfriend's eyebrows."

There were over 1,000 comments on the post, and some people are on the OP's side of things, while others cracked jokes or told their own stories of similar experiences. Comments ranged from "Many people need to learn how to handle their mistakes and laugh at themselves," to "I don't use Reddit often, but when I do, eyebrows."

The original poster (OP) revealed they were all getting ready to go to a bar for the evening with the OP's girlfriend, their friend, and his girlfriend as well. The women were doing their makeup in the bathroom, and the OP and his friend played some games and drank some beers.

The OP's girlfriend came out first, taking some shots with them. Then the OP's friend's girlfriend joined everyone, asking them what they all thought of her eyebrows. The OP revealed: "I thought she was being funny [the eyebrow makeup was super dark, and it made it look like a bushy unibrow], so I [burst] out laughing, and my girlfriend hit my arm. And then I realized she was being serious. I immediately tried to apologize, but the damage was done. She was already crying and left to the bathroom."

The OP apologized to his friend again, then the couple left early to go home, and the evening was over before it began. The OP concluded: "I made my friend's girlfriend cry and ruined everyone's night."

Mascara wand on eyebrow
A man laughed at their friend's girlfriend's eyebrows, ruining the evening. Here, a mascara wand on an eyebrow. DIMID_86/GETTY

According to Statista, 80.79 million women in the United States used eyebrow pencils in 2020. The website also reported in 2019, Maybelline Tattoo Studio eyebrow makeup brand sold a total of 4.4 million product units in the country. The Revlon ColorStay eyebrow makeup brand sold 3.9 million product units as well.

Some people sympathized with the OP while others had advice for the man. Still, some had jokes about the situation as well. "You mad brow?" someone joked, which garnered over 13,000 upvotes on its own.

The jokes didn't stop there though. "I don't use Reddit often, but when I do, eyebrows," someone else joked.

Others had advice for the Redditor in the predicament. "Whenever a girl asks you a question like that, always reply good or nice," a Redditor explained. "I know, was married and divorced Lol."

The advice came rolling in for the OP, and people didn't hold back. "Honestly, I have the 10-second rule when commenting on people," a user revealed. "If they can't fix it in 10 seconds or less, then don't say anything at all."

One user thought, "people who do their makeup badly have to find out at some point." They also figured the OP might have "saved" the woman from doing her brows like that again.

A Redditor wished people were honest about eyebrows and how "badly some people draw them in. They're not supposed to look like Jenga blocks, unless you're going for an editorial look."

Another person thinks one should simply not "ask if you don't want the answer."

While one Redditor thought the OP did the woman a "favor" in the situation. "Many people need to learn how to handle their mistakes and laugh at themselves," they added.

A user reasoned the woman asked how her eyebrows looked. "Apparently she would rather you guys lie and her go out looking bad?" they questioned.

A Redditor, who said they are a woman, admitted to laughing. "Frankly you did her a favor," they said. "Sometimes an honest opinion in private is the best thing to happen."

Newsweek reached out to u/Sliightly for comment.