Man Dragged for Saying Friend's Wife 'Can't Pull Off a Swimsuit'

A man has been slammed as "sexist" on social media after making a derogatory remark about a friend's wife's appearance.

While the comment was made in response to a similarly misogynistic statement about his own wife's body, for many online the two wrongs simply did not make a right.

It may be the year 2022 rather than 1952, but women continue to face scrutiny over their day-to-day appearance. Even in lockdown, a study by law firm Slater and Gordon highlighted how a about a third of women in the U.K. had experienced at least one sexist workplace demand since the lockdown started in March 2020—the study dates from July 2020— including being asked to apply more makeup or change their hairstyle for a professional video call.

Further proof that these outdated standards prevail came to the fore on Reddit this week after a man posting as Educational-Exam3199 found himself flooded with critical responses after detailing the remarks he made to a friend during a discussion about their wives.

A man and woman in a jacuzzi.
A man and woman in a hot tub. A man has come under fire over a "sexist" retort he made to a friend commenting on his wife's appearance. Ryan McVay/Getty

Writing in a post upvoted nearly 8,000 times, the man explained that his wife has "a lot of body confidence" and regularly posts photos on Instagram of herself in dresses, crop tops and occasionally swimsuits.

"I've never had a problem with it," he wrote. "I think most girls in their mid twenties do the same thing, but my friend has been making weird remarks to me about her posts since we got married."

According to the post, his friend has previously told him the pictures are "too provocative for a married woman" adding that his own wife would never "disrespect him" in that way.

Matters reached a crescendo following a recent get-together where his wife wore a bikini. Afterwards, his friend brought up the subject again, asking him if his wife "liked to make everyone uncomfortable and have people stare at her."

Fed up at the "incessant continuous comments," the man fired back at him "[Y]our wife just dresses like that because she can't pull off a swimsuit" and told him to "stop fixating" on his wife.

Though they have not spoken since, the man admitted he has felt guilty about the remark as "his wife didn't deserve that."

Turning to people online for advice, the man's story was met with anger with jrm1102 leading the criticism. "You should have stood up for your wife and not insulted his," they wrote.

Electrical-Date-3951 was similarly critical of the man for taking "a jab at his innocent wife," adding: "I would have instead called out this sexist creep for gawking at his wife every single chance he gets."

Alone-Goose7454 said he should have "shut that s*** down instead of objectifying the guy's wife back...and then deeming her too gross to want to look at!"

ALittleQueer added: "Instead of punching down on her to get back at her creepy predatory husband, you would have done better to stand up for both women by pointing out how disrespectful the other dude was to them."

NGJackson commented: "you retaliated to sexism... with sexism. I know you spoke out of frustration, but please think before you speak. Be the bigger man, not the equally gross man." RamsLams was similarly unforgiving writing: "You don't solve sexist garbage.... by contributing sexist garbage."

Newsweek has contacted Educational-Exam3199 for comment.