Man Fires Shotgun at 'Peaceful' Protest Outside Police Precinct

Video taken at an anti-police protest in which a man fires his shotgun outside of the local precinct has gone viral online.

According to The Statesman Journal, an allegedly peaceful demonstration was held at the Salem Police Department in Oregon on Thursday. The report claims that approximately 20 people gathered outside the station.

The group said they were protesting recent incidents of police brutality and excessive force, including the Chicago shooting that killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo.

In video footage posted to Reddit, an older man walks up the street to the demonstrators at around 9:30 pm. "Which one of you f*****s keeps doing this?" he asks. One protester demands to know, "What the f**k are you doing here?"

He proceeds to raise the firearm he is carrying and shoots once into the air. "This thing is loaded and it's going to kill whoever is f****** with me," he threatens.

Protesters are heard screaming to get the attention of the police officers inside. "Drop the gun!" one yells. Another person screams, "We need the police out here!"

Though the man tries to leave in his truck, some brave protesters surround the car and demand he drop the weapon. The video ends with the man filming and several others running away from the scene.

Prior to the unidentified shooter's arrival, the protest appears to be non-violent. One sketch at the entrance doors read, "F*** Salem Police Quit your F****** jobs," according to The Statesman Journal.

The local outlet reported that officers were able to subdue the man and take him into custody shortly after. According to Lt. Treven Upkes, "No one was injured."

Salem Police have not yet released the identity of the attacker.

Portland, Oregon has been a hotspot for Black Lives Matter protests for the last several months. In a recent demonstration following the death of Daunte Wright, Portland cops were seen on video pushing protesters to the ground.

Oregon Protest
A man was caught on video firing his shotgun during a protest outside a local police precinct. Nathan Howard/Getty Images