Man Kills Wife, Injures Son for Taking Too Long to Serve Salad

In a crime of passion over a salad, the Indian Express reports that one man in Uttar Pradesh, India, was recently arrested after killing his wife and critically injuring his son.

According to multiple reports, the crime took place on Monday night in the Shamli district when the accused—45-year-old Murli Singh—demanded that his wife serve him a salad with his dinner. Caught up with other work, his wife Sudesh took longer than he anticipated to prepare and serve the salad, causing Singh to get angry with her.

The Hindustan Times says that the delay led to an altercation between the couple that quickly took a turn for the worst. Singh, in a fit of rage, ultimately used a garden hoe to "hack" his wife to death. The outlet also reports that Singh attacked his 20-year-old son Ajay with the gardening tool, who intervened in the altercation in an attempt to save his mother. Singh then reportedly fled the scene.

Having heard the screams, the family's neighbors rushed to the home and called the police. The Times of India reported that when the neighbors arrived, they found Sudesh lying in a pool of blood. Sudesh and Ajay were both taken to the hospital, where Sudesh was declared dead, and Ajay was declared to be in critical condition. The Indian Express reports that he is still recovering in the hospital.

In a statement by police officer Nem Chad via NDTV, the Babri police registered a case against Singh under the sections in India's penal code for "murder" and "attempt to murder." Police launched an official search for Singh, and on Wednesday, after two days of searching, the police finally found him hiding in a nearby jungle, where he was then arrested.

Other men have recently been arrested and charged with the murder or assault of their wives as a result of arguments taking a dangerous turn. On Mother's Day, a man in Nacogdoches, Texas, stabbed his wife repeatedly with a screwdriver after she said that she wanted to attend church. Like Singh, the Texas man, Rodolfo Madera Gonzalez, also fled the scene of the crime to evade police. In Thailand, a man stabbed his pregnant wife because he was "furious when she yelled at [him] for buying a new motorbike." And in Connecticut, one physical altercation between a man and his wife led to him stabbing her to death and dumping her body in a nearby park.

Man kills wife over salad
When Murli Singh's wife took too long to prepare his salad, he allegedly killed her with a garden hoe and injured their son. PhotosbyAndy/iStock