Man's 'Near Death' Jump in the Grand Canyon Captured on Camera

A man's "near death" jump over rocks at the Grand Canyon has been captured on camera, with onlookers claiming they nearly had a heart attack watching the stunt.

Zan Taylor shared a clip to TikTok on Sunday, which shows a man standing on a precarious rock formation.

Taylor appears to be standing far away from the man, but uses the zoom function to get a closer look at his situation.

It shows a man standing out on an outlying rock, separated from the mainland by a sizeable gap.

Taylor captioned the clip, which has been viewed nearly a million times: "That time when a boy jumped from one rock to another at The Grand Canyon and then had to get back, nearly gave 20 people a heart attack."

In the comment section, she explained the man had "jumped out there," and before she began recording he was sitting near the ledge.

Taylor added: "And before I recorded him he had been sitting on the other side of the rock with his legs dangling."

The heart-stopping footage shows the man trying to make his way back to safety, as he attempts to bridge the gap between the stones.

He climbs down to try and get closer, as he stretches his arm out to try to get a grip on the wall of stone.

The daredevil then tries placing his feet at different sections to try and get a sturdy foothold, before managing to pull himself up the other side.

In the background of the video, the horrified onlookers can be heard saying "oh my god he's going to die," and "this rock is so soft." There's a round of applause when he finally makes it to safety.

But despite his miraculous escape, Taylor pointed out: "Watch it again but only his feet. I swear the first attempt his foot would have slipped."

Taylor said she "felt odd recording this moment," as she captioned the video "so scared," "gave me a heart attack," "near death," "can't watch," and "will he make it."

Numerous people commented on the video in horror, claiming stunts like this are how people lose their lives at the national park in Arizona.

Kodysax415 wrote: "And this is how 30 people a year die in nATIONAL pARKS."

Ana Ministry asked: "Why do people play with their lives???"

Di Ma reckoned: "I'm sure I'll get attacked for being a Karen but those people have no regard for others. Rangers work there. Others visit there. That's real trauma."

Hannahguillon revealed: "A guide told us at least 12 people fall off the edge per year. I did not go close to the edge."

Brennen Beckwith commented: "So many people do this kind of thing and it gives everyone in the park a heart attack."

Travelin_luis xom thought: "Uggh. Emergency rescue have to risk their own lives to save these dingbats."

Kara Lyn A said: "My palms are sweating and it's not even me on the rocks."

Although Fountain head pointed out: "I love how no one said stop I'll help, walked over & helped pull him up. Just kept filming."

According to CBS, there were 17 deaths at the Grand Canyon in 2018, at least three the following year, and at least two in 2020.

Newsweek reached out to Taylor for comment.

Hiker Resting with Boots Dancing Above Canyon
Hiker Resting with Boots Dancing Above Canyon. A man's "near death" jump in the Grand Canyon has been captured on camera. PeskyMonkey/Getty Images