Men Dive Into Gator-Infested Waters in Dangerous Stunt

A video of two half-naked men running straight into a pond filled with alligators is going viral online.

A man, who calls himself Warren Harden, filmed his two buddies pulling off the dangerous stunt.

The short TikTok clip starts with Warren saying "these waters are clearly gator infested", as he zooms in on two large reptiles just visible above the water line.

"But the boys want to go swimming," he jokes.

He then pans the camera over to the edge of the pond, showing his two friends running straight into the water.

The pair have stripped down to their bathing suits, or underwear, and dive straight into the pond, making an almighty splash.

Warren's camera goes straight back to one of the gator's, near the pond's edge, which promptly switches direction and begins swimming straight for the two men.

Rather than shout and warn them that the gators are heading their way, he simply laughs and keeps the camera rolling.

One of his friends can be heard yelling in the background: "Come and get us big boy."

Warren films his friends as the gators head towards the pair, and just before the video ends one can be heard letting out a blood-curdling scream.

The dangerous stunt, which was captioned "gators swimming in a human pond", has since racked up more than eight million views after being posted online.

TikTok later added a warning to the clip, which read: "The action in this video could result in serious injury."

The video has racked up thousands of comments, as people speculated the trio were filming in Florida.

One person, Kelly Ann, wrote: "Omg they have a death wish."

Wick said: "You know you have good friends when they watch the gators come in toward you and don't say nothing."

TikToker Jenna Black noted: "The cut off scream."

Chloe thought: "Ok but the fact that they're swimming in speedos at like 6am."

Antonio commented: "Him making a part 2 video "the boys died"."

While Bryce Monnier added: "Bruh one of them screamed at the very end and he definitely dead."

Alligators hit the headlines earlier this week after an angler's calm reaction after coming face to face with one went viral.

A TikToker, who posts under the name CardiBarbie45, shared a video online of her husband fishing while chatting on the phone.

Cardi, from South Carolina's Lowcountry, captured her husband calmly continuing his call, despite a giant gator launching itself out the water just "inches" away to steal his catch.

An alligator swims through shallow water
An alligator swims through the shallow water of the Everglades National Park on January 04, 2020. A video has gone viral showing two men jumping into gator-infested waters. Getty Images/Paul Rovere