Man Can't Believe His Eyes After Walking In on Partner's Literal 'Catnap'

What is the best way to elevate an afternoon snooze? Add a cat!

When Karys told her boyfriend Max she was going for a catnap, he didn't realize she meant literally. Naptime with the couple's furbaby Chester went viral, after Max shared a clip of the black and white cat sleeping on his girlfriend's face.

In a post shared to TikTok on April 25, which can be viewed here, Max said: "My girlfriend was tired so she told me she was gonna have a catnap."


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The clip then cuts to Chester resting on Karys' face. "Shoulda know this is what she meant," he said.

The footage, which all cat owners can relate to, has received over 400,000 views and more than 65,000 likes.

Heather wrote: "I too prefer a cat mask when I nap."

While Ehh... said: "i wanna catnap too," and Nayla Milene commented: "I would woke up sneezing the life out of my body but it's so adorable."

Karys, from Ontario, told Newsweek that Chester is a rescue cat. He was saved from a hoarder's garage by a local humane society, along with 30 other felines. The cats had been locked in the garage for at least three years, and Chester was in "really rough shape" when they found him.

Karys said: "We could see all of his ribs and spine, he was so afraid of humans and he had obviously been both neglected and abused."

Fortunately, Karys and Max have given Chester a loving home filled with fresh tuna, playtime and of course, catnaps.

She explained: "Chester's age is unknown because he was rescued as an adult but the vet guesses he's anywhere from 4-8 years right now! In some ways he acts exactly like a kitten, but his black fur is also greying in parts which makes me wonder if he's older than we think!"

According to the Humane Society of the United States, roughly 250,000 animals are hoarded each year. However, solving the problem isn't as simple as just rescuing the victims. Hoarding is a recognized disorder, of which 2.5 percent of the U.S. population meet the diagnostic criteria. Sufferers have extreme difficulty letting go of material possessions, even if they are no longer useful or valuable, and the condition can be difficult to treat.

Although living beings are not objects, they can still be "hoarded," and many pet hoarders struggle to provide the animals with adequate care. In March, almost 100 cats were rescued from a burning house in Monroe, New York. Prior to the fire and rescue, most of the animals were trapped in cages, but were fortunately taken in by a local shelter and received the medical attention they needed.

Despite snuggling up to her face in the video, Karys said Chester doesn't have a favorite.

"I don't know if he necessarily has an OVERALL favorite but he's definitely bonded to us in different ways! He'll always come to me for food and usually for playtime as well, but at night he always cuddles up to Max and on Max's pillow," she said.

Chester isn't the only rescue cat currently living his best life.

Earlier this month, four rescue cats went viral on TikTok after their owner set up "front-row seats" so they could watch the birds in style. And in 2021, a former shelter cat called Albert broke hearts all over the internet, after his new owners shared a clip of him realizing he'd finally found his "forever home."

Woman's literal "catnap" goes viral
Left, Max. Right, Karys sleeping with Chester resting his head on her face. When Karys told her boyfriend Max that she was going for a "catnap," he didn't think she meant literally. @karysandmax