Man Calls Police After Finding Mysterious Bones Hidden Inside Home's Walls

A man called the police after discovering mysterious bones hidden inside his wall, which he feared might be human.

Francis Chuckie Rave shared a clip to TikTok as he filmed the remains, which strongly resembled a vertebrae of sorts.

Rave, thought to be from Australia, revealed he came across them in a gap between two bricks in his wall, as he theorized they may have fallen from the roof space.

In a video shared at the end of last month, simply captioned "found some bones," he said: "Waiting for cops to come, found some bones in my wall—are they human? I don't f****** know I hope not though."

As he sought to discover their origins—and what human or animal they came from—he kept followers in the loop with regular updates.

Rave's original video amassed more than 1.5 million views, and can be seen here, as people shared their theories on the skeleton portion.

Ally commented: I'm gonna take a guess and say that's vertebrae of some sort."

Csember pointed out: "Okay but even if they're cattle bones (and the scale of the ladder is tripping me out) what were they doing in the wall?"

WynterStarFire agreed, saying: "Definitely appears to be some kind of spinal column."

The Odd History Foundation reckoned: "Nope looks like deer or pig probably stashed by a dog."

While DJB revealed: "Some people place bones in walls as part of [a] ceremony to ward off evil spirits."

Levi_is_af4g simply asked: "Bestie what were they doing in the wall."

Offering up another explanation, Rose asked: "Could it be cat bones? I know they used to put cats in walls as 'protection'."

While Maddie Gaylor joked: "Your house just had good bones."

In a follow-up clip Rave took the bones, now in a bag, to his local police station. As he anxiously waited for the results, he filmed an video explaining exactly where he'd discovered the bones, saying: "Bones are in there, then if we go in the loft, there's my creepy f****** crawl space.

"Then they're directly below here but downstairs in the gap between the two bricks. So I don't know if someone's living in here, I'm probably going to die."

He captioned the video: "Idk [I don't know] I'm assuming they fell through from the roof space?"

Eventually he got an update from the police, who confirmed they weren't human, in a clip captioned "mystery solved."

He said: "Just got a call back from the cops, the lady said, the results are in, they're lamb chop bones. So that was a complete waste of their time. But what am I meant to do? Why are they in my wall? I can't leave my wall bones there."

Rave, who practices taxidermy, admitted: "I ended up having to take them in myself as well because I realized if the cops come to my house, I probably look like a f****** weirdo. Because my choice of decor definitely makes me look like the kind of person that would have put them there."

But he decided to put his skills to use, and restore the wall bones for the next owner of the rented home.

Rave said: "So I was hoping that when the cops called me back they'd allow me to collect the wall bones and put them back in the wall. Because I was thinking about anybody who moves into this house after me, and how they've missed out on the sheer joy and terror that comes from finding wall bones. I think the cops might have just disposed of the bones, but being a taxidermist I'm in a fortunate position where I can still pass on some of the joy and terror.

"So I got my drawer of spare parts here, and I've taken out a few of the strangest things in there. I've got a puppy's tooth, some owl talons, some owl leg bones, and a tiny, tiny crab claw. And I'm going to put them in this bottle and seal it up with a bit of wax, chuck them back where the wall bones were and anybody who finds them can have a bit of joy in their life.

"I've added some extra bones in there, I felt like it wasn't quite enough. And we'll just place that there for the next person. If anybody on 'WitchTok' wants to let me know if I've accidentally cursed myself, that would be great."

Newsweek reached out to Rave for comment.

File photo of a bone.
File photo of a bone. A man was forced to call the police after finding bizarre bones in the walls of his house. IC/Getty Images

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