Man's Relationship With His Dog in Restaurant Melt Hearts: 'Best Date Ever'

A TikTok video of a man showing some love to his pet dog when he thinks nobody is looking has gone viral with nearly a million views.

In the video, which has over 68,000 likes, a man can be seen sitting outside a busy restaurant with his dog sitting next to him, as he kisses the dog repeatedly. On discovering that he is being filmed, the man cracks a smile.

According to dog treat company Bark, 71 percent of people believe their pets have made them happier people.

Almost 80 percent find it easier to wake up in the morning because their dogs greet them, and a whopping 93 percent of participants stated that they are better people overall because of their dogs.

A study undertaken by gaming site Tombola found that spending time with your dog can release serotonin and lower the stress hormone cortisol which can reduce anxiety and stress. In 2004, University of Missouri-Columbia scientists found that human blood pressure dropped by roughly 10 percent around 15 to 20 minutes after stroking a dog.

Animals can be incredible companions and service pets and it's not just dogs. Guinea pigs have been shown to calm children with autism in schools and help them be more sociable, and caring for goldfish seemed to make teenagers with Type 1 diabetes more efficient at checking their blood sugar.

Dogs can sense when a person needs to calm down, help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, and help with conditions like depression.

Dog in restaurant
Dinner date. Stock Image. A man caught on camera out for food with his dog has delighted users on TikTok. Getty Images

On the viral video, user Muggie Burger commented: "This is my type of person," and studies have previously shown that liking and having animals makes people more attractive.

A research team from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas found that 35 percent of women and 36 percent of men were more attracted to someone because they had a pet, and 75 percent of women and 54 percent of men said they would not date someone who didn't like pets.

User Jamie commented: "I need to marry this man," while Nehal Ossama El Souda said: "Can I propose for him?? is he taken?"

Asmeret Iassu commented: "Awww absolutely beautiful man and his dog."

Monimoni wrote: "Best feeling when you are with your favorite company."

User dkjustforfun said: "Best date ever."

Here2Laugh wrote: "That love is absolutely unconditional."

MG commented: "Your doggo would never break your heart."

lifeisblue0 said: "I JUST LOVE THIS VIDEO!"

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