Man Sees Company's 'Impeach Biden' Flag, Cancels Interview in Viral Post

A man revealed to Reddit he backed out of a planned interview with a company after noticing a flag outside the company's building that said, "Impeach Biden," opting to go home instead. Many people are applauding the OP's course of action, and they didn't hold back their thoughts on companies getting political.

The viral post, which has over 11,000 upvotes and was shared to the subreddit "Antiwork" on February 9 by u/ProtectMeCone, is titled, "I almost interviewed for a company with an 'Impeach Biden' flag."

According to a survey conducted by Sprout Social, when consumers' beliefs line up with what brands are also saying, 28 percent will praise a company publicly. However, when respondents disagree with a brand's stance, 20 percent will outwardly criticize a company.

The original poster (OP) applied for a job at a company with better pay, and they heard back asking for an interview, which was an in-person situation. The man scheduled a time to meet the following week, and he drove to the interview. But upon turning the corner, he noticed a building with a flag that said "Impeach Biden" on it.

Man in car
A man saw a company's "Impeach Biden" flag, and he backed out of a planned interview recounted in a viral Reddit post. Here, a man in his car. GETTY/LDPROD

The OP wondered, "Oh God, is that who I'm interviewing for?" But when he saw his GPS, he realized he still had 0.1 mile to go. He kept going, but then he came to yet another building with the same flag, and it happened to be the building where the man was supposed to go for the interview.

The OP added: "I made a snap decision and thought, 'Anyone proud enough in their capitalist, fascist views to wave a flag like that is not worth my time nor worth working for.' So I drove home."

In an edit to the post, the OP added he doesn't care who the company politically supports. "I care that they care enough to make a definitive statement about politics," he said. "I didn't go through with the interview because I can extrapolate how the company treats their employees based on the type of people who would own and fly such a flag."

There were over 1,600 comments on the post, which has sparked a debate among fellow Redditors about what's appropriate when it comes to companies getting political. People supported the OP's choice to back out of the interview and not go, and many users seem to disapprove of the company flying the flag.

Some people didn't mince words on their feelings on a company sharing political beliefs in such a way. "Political views aside, what an unprofessional thing for a business to do to begin with," a Redditor weighed in.

One viewer revealed they have a rule that they try to avoid business with people and establishments that advertise their beliefs. "I decided not to buy a truck from a particular dealership because they had a digital billboard that bashed Biden," they added.

Redditors got real with their opinions. "It is honestly the dumbest thing for a company to support a political candidate," a user wrote. "It's a sure way to lose prospective candidates."

Another person didn't think politics and work mix. "Politics makes the workplace one of the most vile, toxic, sludge-filled s**t holes imaginable," a Redditor expressed.

One doesn't agree with politics in the workplace, saying it's "never good, especially ones that are that openly vocal and polarized."

Some Redditors agreed with the OP's choice to back out of the scheduled interview. "I would have done the same," a user revealed.

Although some people got political, others applauded the OP's choice. "Good for you!" someone wrote.

Others also seemed to agree with the OP when it came to the matter. "Awesome decision, totally support," someone added.

A Redditor revealed they "like to stay away from any company that outwardly supports any political party." They also added, "No corporation should have any dealings with who is in office."

Some had their own opinions about the company's culture. "A company flying a political flag like that might as well just put a billboard out saying, 'Differences of opinion will not be tolerated,'" a user reasoned.

Newsweek reached out to u/ProtectMeCone for comment.