Man Slammed for Asking Woman on First Date, Refuses To Pay For Dinner

A video has gone viral on social media after a woman shared one of her encounters with a man she met on a dating app.

In a video posted to Tiktok, Lesley—using the username @capocloutt—posted a screen recording of a voice memo on Snapchat she received. A man she recently met wanted her to go over his house as a first date instead of meeting in a public setting. The video has 34,000 likes and 266,000 views. Her caption reads, "Dating in Chicago pt 3910459220357."

"For me, I'm not just gonna just right away go out with someone and pay for their food and their drinks," the man said in the voice memo to Lesley. He also explained that he doesn't have money to be spending since he was "leaving."

Snapchat lets users in the conversation know if someone has taken a screenshot or screen recording of the chat, which is what the original Tiktok poster was doing. He sent her: "why are you screen recording?"

Many users commented their thoughts on the matter.

@Tyriq questioned, "Who goes to some strangers house first time meeting them?"

Lesley responded with, "he thought it would work."

"'i can't spend money like that' man"

"literally like if you're broke why are you on a dating app," Lesley wrote back.

@Vborias added, "Men be like I don't want to spend money on someone I don't know, sir why are you looking to go out with someone you don't know then!!!!"

"Guys make it seem like paying is such a big deal if one date is going to put you in financial ruin, you have bigger problems sir," @Dej pointed out.

"This is such a common theme. Men really have no problem inviting strangers into their home," @lorealnomakeup_ wrote.

Leslie detailed what happened after the voice memo.

"I met him on Bumble," Lesley told Newsweek, "We talked for a little and he asked for my Snapchat and I gave it to him. He asked me when I was free. I told him next week and then he asked me to come over and I said no." She explained after she rejected him he responded with the voice memo, "I blocked him after and did not respond."

Newsweek asked if she had any tips on dealing with future dating matches in the future. She explained that the right man would go out of his way for a woman he's interested in.

"Do not accept low effort in the beginning of a relationship because that's when they are supposed to demonstrate their highest level of interest," she said.

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In a Tiktok that went viral, a woman shared a screen recording of a voice memo from a man who wouldn't pay for a date because she refused to go over his house for the first date. Tonktiti/iStock / Getty Images Plus