Man Starts Talking in 'Demonic Tongues' After Inhaling 'Satan Gas'

While we're all familiar with making our voices go high-pitched at a birthday party after grabbing a helium balloon, one man has demonstrated the opposite effect.

Cody, who regularly shares science-based videos on his social media channels, Cody's Lab, inhaled heavy gases—making his voice turn unnaturally deep.

His abnormally low tone has seen him compared to something demonic, with people branding the substances "Satan" gas.

Cody's minute-long clip on YouTube was captioned "Breathing The Heaviest Non Toxic Gas," which has since gone viral after being shared to Reddit.

He explained: "I breath in samples of sulfur hexafluoride and perfluorobutane which has nearly twice the density. [sic]."

Cody inhales the first gas from a balloon, saying: "This is sulfur hexafluoride, otherwise known as the deep voice gas."

His tone dramatically drops several pitches in the video, shared earlier this week.

"But what happens if I breathe in a gas that's even denser?" he asks in his frighteningly deep voice.

Cody grabs another balloon and inhales perfluorobutane, saying: "If sulfur hexafluoride is the deep voice gas, this is the deeper voice gas."

His voice sounds as if it's been manipulated by a computer, as he embraces the effect and declares: "I am the dark lord fuzzy-butt and I have come to eat your soul."

As his voice slowly returns to normal, he says: "Wow that's actually hard to get back out of your lungs. Talking is actually kind of difficult. Even after a couple of breaths I'm still as deep as the sulfur hexafluoride was. I don't even remember what I said there. I'm sure it was funny."

Numerous people have commented on the clip, comparing Cody to a range of characters.

Referencing "may the fourth" next week, Daniel Willems reckoned: "Damn a little early Cody. Could have kept something like this for May the 4th and done something along the lines of 'I am your father.'"

Evan Michael Pearce thought: "You really sounded like the Trivia Murder Party host there for a bit."

Shepperton Studios wrote: "This video gave me anxiety that you weren't gonna get your voice back and you'd have to rename the channel to 'Evil Cody's Lab.'"

This YouTuber, Patrick W, revealed: "Just heard this on my local radio station. They tried to say this is a new 'Satan gas' trend. LOL."

Arcadian also thought he sounded possessed, commenting: "'Says weird things in a deep voice' busts out laughing in demonic tongues."

While Sam Cowden joked: "If you ever want to see your dog again do exactly as I say. Every mysterious bad guy voice in a movie."

Agreeing, Ryan.Y added: "Now we know how all the villains get their voice."

And Irza Maulana Putra Chaxel pointed out: "'I don't even remember what I said back there.' Yeah, the Dark Lord taken control for a few seconds."

Despite people jokingly comparing him to an evil character, others claimed the stunt was potentially dangerous, despite Cody saying the gases are "non toxic."

"Fun fact, this is also what the early stages of oxygen deprivation look like," 999 FINE claimed.

FLS96 wrote: "Funny how you can watch the hypoxia progress during the minute."

While Dante' A added: "Laughing nervously as he looks panicked from thoughts of suffocating."

Man in suit looking at his shadow
Stock image of a man in suit looking at his devil shadow reflected on the wall. A man, named Cody, shared what happens when your breathe in heavy gases. ra2studio/Getty iStock