Man Who Thinks Wedding Guests Should Pay To Attend Divides Internet

A man has come up with what he claims is the most "financially sound" way to pay for your dream wedding without spending a single penny—but his plan has left people seriously divided.

Weddings are expensive. According to a survey commissioned by the wedding planning website The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. in 2021 stood at $28,000, with that figure rising to $34,000 when including an engagement ring.

Couples can therefore be forgiven for seeking ways to cut the cost of their big day and save the money they would have spent for something more beneficial to their long-term future.

However, a money saving idea proposed by entrepreneur Alex Hormozi on TikTok has left many feeling seriously conflicted. In a video viewed 1.1 million times, Hormozi, sitting alongside his wife Leila, explained: "The most financially sound way to plan for a wedding is not what you think."

He continued: "Instead of asking for gifts or having some register where everyone buys trinkets you'll never use, instead consider selling tickets to your wedding that cover the cost of every single person you want.

"So instead of having a budget and having to limit it to only the amount of people that you can afford, every single person can pay for themselves and maybe a little extra to put a downpayment on a house or start a new business."

Hormozi said that rather than receiving a series of items you will likely "never use," the money collected could provide the happy couple with an "an investment that you can use for life." The full video can be watched here.

The CEO of, Hormozi's website claims that by the age of 32, he and Leila had a portfolio of companies that "crossed $85M per year in revenue" so he clearly knows a thing or two about managing money.

However, many on social media felt his money saving wedding scheme simply wasn't workable. One TikTok user, posting as c_hartman_, thought it was "great idea on paper" but felt that "in reality people will feel weird about it."

Theregojoe, meanwhile, commented: "But imagine making your family pay to come to your wedding." RenPalladium said: "As much as it sounds like a good idea, It makes the wedding about people giving you money instead of celebrating love."

Others reacted with anger to the suggestion. Oddlybald said: "I would never come to somebody's wedding that I have to pay for," while i_got_bad_knees branded it a "ridiculous idea." They added: "If I'm paying to enter a wedding I'm no longer a guest but a customer."

However some stuck up for the scheme, noting that this kind of concept is commonplace in other cultures. Hussein Awada309 commented: "Lebanese people are way ahead of this. When we get invited to weddings we put money in the card to cover our plate cost plus give a gift to the newlyweds."

Mel Vinegar wrote: "As an Asian. That's what we've been doing all this while" and
Radu Iuonac also responded: "This is how we do it in Romania."

Newsweek has contacted Hormozi for comment.

A groom outside a church door.
Stock image of a groom outside a church. A man has come up with a controversial method to afford the wedding of your dreams. Marc Calleja Lopez/Getty