Man Urged To Dump Girlfriend Over Her Response to Being Stopped by Police

A man is being urged to split from his girlfriend of nearly two years over her response to the pair being pulled over by police.

Everyone reacts differently to stress but in situations of real tension, like the old adage goes, cooler heads prevail. Nowhere is this more evident than in a story shared to Reddit by a 26-year-old man who was recently pulled over by police while riding a recently purchased second hand motorcycle. At the time of writing the post had been upvoted over 10,000 times.

The man said he had been riding on the bike with his 25-year-old girlfriend when he was stopped by an officer who informed them the license plates were "coming up as stolen."

In that kind of situation, cooler heads would have undoubtedly prevailed. However, his girlfriend never got that particular memo. Instead, she began "freaking out" and "yelling" in front of police that her boyfriend was a "good for nothing thief" who had "manipulated and duped" her into thinking he had bought the motorcycle legally.

"She starts telling the officer that she didn't know about what I had done and that I had strung her along," he wrote.

The confusing thing for the man was that she had been there when he bought the bike. "She knows that I didn't steal the bike or break any laws," he said.

While she made a hasty exit, he was left to face the music down at the local police station. Thankfully, after a "good few hours" he was able to clear his name.

He later returned home to find his girlfriend watching TV. Confronting her over her response, she explained to him that she had to "put on an act" to avoid any legal trouble. "She said that she was looking to get a government job and it wasn't a good look, and would screw her if she got anything on her record," he explained.

The man's girlfriend ended up storming out of their apartment after he called her an "unsupportive coward" over her response and claimed she made things "worse" by doing what she did. Now on the fence over whether to continue forward as a couple, social media was unequivocal in offering the man some relationship advice: get out now.

"She left you at the first sight of trouble," TurbulentPrint wrote. "She also 'testified' against you and basically threw you under the bus, knowing full well it was a lie." Bettegreene agreed: "She's made it clear when the chips are down, she's okay with not only abandoning you, she will help shovel more s*** onto you." Coffee_cats_books added: "She didn't need to throw any opinion in (unless asked, of course). Just shut up and stand there. It's not that hard."

Others like KrazyKatz3 didn't buy her argument either, arguing she could have just said something like "this isn't my bike, I don't know anything about this, I'm not involved I'm going to leave." They noted it was "still unsupportive but at least it doesn't make things actively worse."

Rough-Rip-81, meanwhile, wondered if it might all prove to be a blessing in disguise. "Good thing her true colors were shown before you did something like marry/waste more time," they said.

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

The incident actually flies in the face of a 2015 UCLA study published in Psychological Science which found women did a better job of being supportive under stressful situations.

As part of the study, 189 happy heterosexual couples were divided into three groups: one in which only the man was subjected to stress; one where only the woman was; and one where both partners were exposed to a stressful scenario.

Each couple was placed in a room for eight minutes and filmed experiencing stressful scenarios like mock job interviews and counting down from 2,043 in increments of 17 as quickly as possible, with anyone making a mistake ordered to start over.

According to psychological scientist and the study's senior author Thomas Bradbury, they noticed that men reacted very differently to stress. "When men are stressed, they are more likely to be critical in responding to a stressed partner and less likely to be positive, nurturing and comforting," he said. "And that's especially the case when their partner expresses her feelings in more emotional terms."

The viral story comes a few months after a woman drew criticism online for dumping her boyfriend after discovering they were distantly related. Another girlfriend sparked anger on social media after refusing to let her partner serve as best man for one of his closest friends at his wedding.

A woman being stopped by police.
Stock image of a woman who was stopped by police. A man is being urged to break things off with his girlfriend over her cowardly reaction to them being stopped by a police officer. Nomadsoul1/Getty