'Mario Golf: Super Rush': Full Character Roster on the Nintendo Switch

Mario Golf: Super Rush launched today on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

While the multiplayer component, vibrant aesthetic and innovative "speed golf" mode have all been the subject of praise, many have found the overall package to be somewhat lacking. Expected features like online tournaments and difficulty settings are entirely absent from the game at its launch, and there are only six courses to master (seven if you count the tiny battle stadium).

Nintendo has promised that free updates will be coming soon to address these concerns, but fans remain underwhelmed by the current state of Mario Golf: Super Rush. In particular, many are disappointed by how the game falls short of previous titles in a number of key ways. For example, Mario Golf: World Tour on the Nintendo 3DS boasted 10 courses at launch, which is four more than Super Rush has on the considerably more powerful Switch console.

Gamers are expressing their disappointment on Reddit and Twitter, unfavorably comparing it to developer Camelot Software's last effort, Mario Tennis Aces.

Bummed to hear about Mario Golf. Mario spinoffs just aren't what they used to be. Not sure if it's budgetary issues, or mandates that they need to abide by, or what the case is. I was pretty excited for this one too.

"Free updates later" are words that evoke fear in me lol pic.twitter.com/rITu2CmWF1

— Un Cleal (@TheUncleAlShow) June 24, 2021

How Many Characters Are There in Mario Golf: Super Rush?

One area where Super Rush fares slightly better is with its character roster, which currently has 17 golfers to choose from. For the sake of comparison, Mario Golf: World Tour also had 17 golfers at its launch and then added more later with DLC packs.

One big difference between the two games is that World Tour required you to gradually unlock golfers by completing challenges and earning star coins. Super Rush on the other hand gives you access to everyone from the very start, meaning that there are no secret characters hidden from the selection screen.

Franchise staples, like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Bowser are all present, alongside your customizable Mii avatar. In addition to these returning favourites, there are also a few newcomers to Mario Golf, including Pauline, King Bob-omb and Chargin' Chuck.

Each character has two distinctive abilities, those being their "special shot" and their "special dash." The former is basically a powered-up swing with a unique gimmick (most of which involve disrupting your competition's shots), while the latter is a new addition for the "speed golf" mode that helps you race after your ball.

For instance, Boo's special shot allows him to haunt other players' balls and curve their trajectory, thereby causing them to miss. Meanwhile, Toad's dash enables him to roll down the green at an incredible pace, knocking over rival golfers in the process.

Mario Golf: Super Rush Character Roster

Nintendo has confirmed that the character list will be expanded in future updates, but until then, here is the full roster for Mario Golf: Super Rush.

CharacterSpecial ShotSpecial Dash
MarioSuper Star StrikeMoonsault Dash
LuigiIce Flower FreezeSpeed-Skate Dash
WarioLightning BlastJet-Pack Dash
WaluigiSlim StingerDance-Off Dash
Princess PeachSpiral StingerDance-Off Dash
DaisyBlossom StrikePinwheel Dash
YoshiEggschangerEgg-Roll Dash
Donkey KongBurly StrikeDK Dash
BowserMeteor StrikeVolcano Dash
Bowser Jr.SmokeballBullet Bill Dash
BooMischief TwisterCarousel Dash
RosalinaShooting StarLuma Dash
PaulineSongbird StingerDiva Dash
ToadSuper Toad StrikeTumble Dash
Chargin' ChuckScrimmage StingerEnd-Zone Dash
King Bob-ombBob-ombs AwayKaboom Dash
Mii CharacterPower StingerPower Dash
Mario Performs His Special Shot
"Mario Golf: Super Rush" has 17 characters at its launch and will later receive additional ones through free updates. Nintendo of America

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