Mary Trump Calls for the President and His Adult Children to Be Shunned

Mary Trump has said her uncle, President Donald Trump, and his adult children should be shunned once they leave the White House on January 20. She also dismissed the idea that Ivanka Trump could have a political career.

Trump, a psychologist who's become a harsh critic of her own family, spoke to the MeidasTouch podcast on Tuesday about the president's future and what might become of his children who've worked in the administration.

"I've come to the conclusion arrogance makes you stupid," Trump said of her cousin, Ivanka. "These people are so arrogant they don't understand how things work. They don't understand that after sticking with him until the armed insurrection, they don't get to say 'Oh, wait a minute, it didn't work.'"

Trump was asked if Ivanka Trump could have a future political career, possibly by primarying Republican Senator Marco Rubio in Florida.

"One of the reasons I hate all of them so much is because we have to have these conversations about them which should be absurd," Trump said.

"This should be a joke."

"What I would say to that is, it's entirely up to us," Trump went on. "It's not just Donald, all of his adult children need to be shut out, contained."

.@MaryLTrump issues a brutal takedown of the Trump crime family. New episode of the MeidasTouch Podcast out now!

— (@MeidasTouch) January 19, 2021

"They need to have all of their access stripped away from them. It all needs to be burned down. They need to be—their brand needs to be totally destroyed, even more than they've already destroyed it.

"Corporations need to pull out. New York City's tried to cancel its contract with the Trump Organization. They need to be investigated. Donnie [Trump], as far as I'm concerned, should be indicted for inciting an insurrection and all of them should be doing nothing but defending themselves against charges."

"So that's down to us," Trump said. "We can' forget it. Donald has shown just how capable people like him, who have his resources, who have his connections, are rehabilitating or staying in the game when they should have been discarded a long time ago."

Trump did not mention Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump or Tiffany Trump by name. Tiffany Trump has not played a major role in the administration.

There has been speculation that Ivanka Trump may seek political office in the future, though this has not been confirmed. Donald Trump Jr. has also been talked about as a potential future Republican presidential candidate.

The president's future remains uncertain as a second impeachment trial in the Senate is on the immediate horizon and he may be facing federal and state charges.

The Trump campaign and the White House have been asked for comment on this article.

President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump walk to Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House on January 4, 2020 in Washington, DC. The president's niece, Mary Trump, has called for them to be effectively shunned. Drew Angerer/Getty Images