'The Masked Singer' Fans Hail Winner After Fairy and Jackalope Teaser

The Masked Singer viewers have said that they would like to see one of the two new costumes being introduced on Wednesday evening end up as the winner of the show's ninth season.

The Fox singing competition returned to screens earlier in 2023. Host Nick Cannon reprised his role alongside the celebrity panelists Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and Nicole Scherzinger.

So far on The Masked Singer Season 9, stars such as Mary Poppins actor Dick Van Dyke, singer/songwriter Sara Evans, musician Debbie Gibson and America's Got Talent judge Howie Mandel have been unmasked as contestants.

Costumes have included a Polar Bear, California Rolls and a Gargoyle. Now, in episode five, the Jackalope and Fairy costumes are joining the cast. The pair will battle against Squirrel, who, by winning last week's episode, has remained unmasked.

The Masked Singer episode 5
Fairy and Jackalope are the two new costumes joining "The Masked Singer" for the Fox singing competition's "Sesame Street"-themed episode. Fans have already declared that one of the two new costumes should win the whole season. Michael Becker/FOX

The two new characters have been teased by the Fox show's official Instagram account, and in a trailer for the March 15 episode, which is Sesame Street-themed.

Following the release of the trailer, many The Masked Singer fans have already claimed that Fairy is the costume is they want to see win the whole show, taking over from Season 8 winner Amber Riley.

After a very short clip of the costume singing was released on the show's official YouTube, fans flooded the comments section with praise for Fairy.

"Fairy costume is sooooo good, I hope she wins!," wrote one YouTuber, as another agreed, posting: "Hope Fairy wins. I love the costume and that part of her voice is amazing."

"Now I definitely do think that the fairy is going to win," a third fan replied to the trailer, as another commented: "Fairy seems to have an amazing voice."

The Masked Singer Medusa
The Medusa costume was saved by the panelists on "The Masked Singer" thanks to the new "Ding Dong Keep On Bell" twist. She will have the opportunity to compete to stay in the competition ahead of the semi-finals. Michael Becker/FOX

Of course, The Masked Singer won't reveal who the winner of the season is until the grand finale.

The season is on number five of nine standard The Masked Singer episodes, after which there will then be the semi-finals and the final.

There will also be an extra episode added before the semi-finals this season, thanks to the new "Ding Dong Keep It On Bell" twist.

The Masked Singer judges
Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger are back on the judging panel for "The Masked Singer" Season 9. Two new costumes have been revealed. Michael Becker/FOX

The new format change allows the celebrity panelists to ring a special bell three times in the first three rounds (which are split across the first nine episodes.)

Those three saved singers will then have the opportunity to battle it out on a special episode to rejoin the competition.

So far, the Medusa and the Gargoyle costumes have been saved by the bell.

Though the identities of the famous faces behind the Fairy and Jackalope masks are, of course, still under wraps, social-media sleuths have made a few guesses as to who they could be already.

The Masked Singer Fairy
Fairy's performance has been teased in a trailer for the upcoming "The Masked Singer" episode. Fans have already been blown away by the short clip. Michael Becker/FOX

Newsweek has everything we know so far about the clues given for the Fairy and Jackalope costumes on The Masked Singer, and who fans think the celebrities behind them are.

'The Masked Singer' Fairy Clues

A teaser for the Fairy costume was revealed on The Masked Singer's official Instagram account ahead of the new episode.

The short clip, showing the Fairy character in all its glory, was posted along with the caption: "#FairyMask looks magical," and a sparkle and fairy emoji.

Social-media users who follow The Masked Singer's account were quick to give their predictions, with many picking out the emojis as clues.

Several fans think that the sparkle emoji could be a hint for the singer, and recent Dancing With the Stars contestant, Jordin Sparks.

Jackalope Clues

A teaser for Jackalope was also posted on The Masked Singer's Instagram, though this one had a more cryptic clue than Fairy's did.

A video of the Jackalope dancing to music was uploaded with the caption: "She looks real to us, folks!" and a white rabbit emoji. The jackalope is a mythical creature in folklore that has the body of a hare or rabbit and the horns of a deer.

Despite the cryptic caption, referencing the jackalope's mythical status, some of The Masked Singer fans still gave their guesses as to who could be behind the costume.

"Could this possibly be Kira Kosarin?" asked one fan, referencing the The Thundermans actress. "Possibly Paula Abdul?" added another.

The Masked Singer continues Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.