Massive Eagle Fights Two Dogs As Shocking Animal Attack Caught on Camera

A true friend always has your back, even in the animal kingdom. A dog has gone viral after jumping in to save his buddy being attacked by an eagle, with TikTok users calling the footage "unbelievable."

Posted by user @coastal_907 on 17 June, the video shows a giant eagle attacking a reservation dog, until his friend comes to the rescue.

Alongside the post, @coastal_907—real name John EchoHawk Atkin—wrote: "#Eagle trying to take down a #RezDog.

"Pinned him by the throat! Little did he know Rez dogs have each other's back."

Filmed in Alaska, the eagle did not immediately fly away after the attack, and can be seen glancing around menacingly instead.


#Eagle trying to take down a RezDog. Pinned him by the throat! Little did he know Rez dogs have eachothers back. #Alaska

♬ original sound - Johon EchoHawk Atkin

According to Wild Bird World, there are two types of eagle living in Alaska—the Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle. The Alaskan Zoo says that Bald Eagles are only found in North America, with an estimated 30,000 Bald Eagles in Alaska alone—more than any other state.

Their wingspan can reach an impressive 7.5 feet, and they can be identified by the white plumage on their head.

The smaller of the two species, there are fewer Golden Eagles across the state. Their wingspan can reach between 6 and 7 feet, with a patch of golden feathers found on their neck and head.

Juvenile Bald Eagles are often mistaken for Golden Eagles, as their signature white plumage does not appear until at least four years of age.

The Spruce Pets says that small animals, such as miniature breeds of dog, puppies, rabbits, chickens and guinea pigs, are the most at risk from birds of prey, and recommends containing pets or exercising together outdoors to keep them safe.

Indeed, this isn't the first eagle attack to be caught on camera this summer.

In June, security camera footage of a dog being snatched by a Bald Eagle in British Columbia, Canada, horrified TikTok users and received over 300,000 views. Last year, Bald Eagles killed over 50 lambs on a farm in Idaho, while a bird was recorded stealing a shark from a shocked fisherman.

In the most recent video, TikTokers were impressed by the dog's loyalty to his friend, with the video receiving almost 85,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments.

"That's a true homie right there," wrote user5481671888413.

"Close one," agreed user1915091711661.

"The Pack takes care of its own," said rabbittarius.

While Terry Hunter commented "THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE."

Others were impressed by the eagle's attitude, with Tony Alvarado writing: "I like the way the eagle stood there afterwards, and not fly away.


Brandon Painter commented: "The way he just standing there.

"Like is this how it's going to be 1v2."

Newsweek has reached out to @coastal_907 for comment.

Dog Saves Pal From Eagle Attack
A stock photo of an angry eagle close up. The bird swooped down and attacked the dog, but luckily their friend had their back. AllExclusive/iStock/Getty Images Plus