Who Plays Mathilde in 'No Time to Die'? James Bond Child Actor Revealed

Unlike many Bonds who came before him, Daniel Craig's version of 007 is surprisingly emotional at times (while protecting his homeland and fending off evil villains at any given turn, of course).

From his all-encompassing love for Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) in Casino Royale, to his grief-stricken response to M's (Dame Judi Dench) death in Skyfall; there's no denying Craig's iteration of Ian Fleming's world-famous spy has a lot more depth to him than some of his predecessors.

It makes sense, then, that his final outing in the franchise should be equally sentimental—and that certainly is the case in No Time to Die.

Playing on his doubts and the residual feeling of betrayal he has over Vesper, SPECTRE's Ernst Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) still manages to manipulate Bond from inside his prison cell at HMP Belmarsh.

Setting up an explosive device at Vesper's grave after Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) suggested he go there for closure, Blofeld tricks Bond into thinking his now-partner is in on the plot, driving a wedge between them.

After the title sequence (which features Billie Eilish's stunning theme, "No Time to Die"), we then fast-forward five years to find out where Bond and Madeleine are now.

**WARNING: Major No Time to Die spoilers ahead**

Who plays Mathilde in No Time to Die?

The adorable little girl in No Time to Die is played by actress Lisa-Dorah Sonnet.

Bond 25 marks her first acting role—but no doubt she will be snapped up by casting directors in the future, after her highly-praised debut.

Is she really Bond's daughter?

After five years apart, Bond was forced to join forces with Madeleine once again in order to speak to Blofeld, who refuses to talk to anyone but the daughter of the former SPECTRE agent while imprisoned at HMP Belmarsh.

However, Madeleine has already been in contact with Safin (Rami Malek), who turns up at her London office and reveals his true identity; the masked assassin who killed Madeleine's mother after invading their home when she was a child. As viewers saw in the flashback at the very start of the movie, he inexplicably chose to save Madeleine from an icy lake.

Feeling as though she owes him for his act of kindness, Safin then introduces grown-up Madeleine to the Heracles project he stole from MI6, which sees DNA-driven nanobots infiltrate the skin to kill targets from the inside out. He gives her a vial of the stuff and orders her to unleash it.

Back at Belmarsh, it becomes evident that it is not Bond's DNA the biological weapon is targeting, but, in fact, Blofeld's, as he perishes after coming into contact with the pair.

Madeleine then goes into hiding and Bond is the only person who knows where to find her (until a load of evil henchmen turn up, naturally): at her childhood home in Norway. Realizing that his love for her is very much still alive, Bond confesses his true feelings for her, before he hears a soft, high-pitched voice.

Appearing at the top of the stairs behind Madeleine, the little girl named Mathilde is introduced to Bond, before she's tucked back into bed. Despite her age and piercingly blue eyes, Madeleine convinces Bond that she is not his daughter.

However, later, once they're on Safin's island lair, it soon becomes clear that Mathilde (as well as being insanely cute) is Bond's biological child—something which prevents him from returning to her and Madeleine at the end of the movie, as he's been infected with Heracles and would kill them both if he was to be reunited with them.

Will she feature Bond movies?

Given that No Time to Die was Daniel Craig's last outing as Bond, it seems highly unlikely that Madeleine or Mathilde will return to our screens.

However, as the post-credits message revealed, "James Bond will return." Of course, this is most likely referring to Craig's successor, but it could also mean that some of the characters—including Mathilde and Madeleine—will be a part of future 007 movies.

After all, Lashana Lynch's character has already been awarded his code name and the narrative could quite easily follow-up after Bond's death.

No Time to Die is in U.S. theaters on Friday, October 8.

James Bond & Madeleine Swann Kiss
James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) share a passionate kiss at the end of "Spectre." In "No Time to Die," the couple's relationship continues to flourish (with some road bumps), before it is revealed they share a daughter named Mathilde (Lisa-Dorah Sonnet). MGM

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