McDonald's Customer Angry Over Order Jumps Over Counter, Assaults Worker: Police

A woman in Georgia has been arrested after allegedly attacking a McDonald's worker following a dispute over her food order.

The Macon Telegraph reports that the woman, who has not been named, was apprehended by officers from Dunwoody Police Department responding to a report of an incident at a branch of the fast-food outlet on Perimeter Center West in Atlanta on Wednesday, March 2.

According to a statement posted to Facebook by the Dunwoody Police Department, the disgruntled customer allegedly "assaulted an employee by pulling her hair and jumping over the counter," where it is claimed they then began "throwing items" around the restaurant.

Officers arriving on the scene took the unnamed female into custody. She was subsequently transported to DeKalb County Jail where, as the Dunwoody Police Department put it, her evening meal was likely "much different than the quarter pounder with cheese she ordered."

"This is McRidiculous," they said in the post. The post drew a strong reaction on social media.

One user, posting as Elaine Burgett, commented: "She must have been really hangry! Hopefully she will think twice before putting her hands on someone again."

Another, writing as Cara Chulibrk Welin, said: "That's horrible. Most of the employees at that location are sweet teenagers... super young staff. They should be commended for working, not assaulted."

Newsweek has contacted Dunwoody Police Department for comment.

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The incident comes just a couple of months after a woman in St. Louis County, Missouri, reportedly shot a McDonald's employee following a dispute over a discount on French fries.

Police in California, meanwhile, opened an investigation in February of this year after a mother was assaulted at a McDonald's drive-thru in front of her children.

The victim was struck by an unnamed assailant's car in the parking lot of a branch of the fast-food restaurant. The attack is thought to have stemmed from the mother cutting in line at the outlet's drive-thru.

In October 2021, one of the servers at a McDonald's restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, was assaulted by a woman brandishing a French fry scoop who became angry while waiting for her food to arrive.

Attacks of this kind are not limited solely to McDonald's, of course. In October 2021, a woman in Florida was arrested after striking a teenage member of staff at a KFC drive-thru. The woman, who was captured on video striking the worker, did so after allegedly receiving poor customer service.

In September 2021, meanwhile, a woman was arrested in South Carolina for pulling a gun on staff at a Burger King when they got her order wrong.

Behind the counter at McDonalds.
Behind the counter at McDonalds. A woman has been arrested after jumping over the counter at a branch of the Golden Arches to attack a fast food worker. Zarajsky/Getty