Worker Reveals What the McDonald's Machine Noises Mean: 'Nonstop Beeping'

Anyone who ever orders from McDonald's in person knows there's a cacophony of noise in the background, including continual beeps from the machines.

Various pitches, tones and alarms go off at random intervals as staff operate the equipment to ensure the production line runs smoothly.

And now one person claiming to be a McDonald's worker has revealed what each individual sound actually means, as they filmed inside an industrial kitchen.

TikToker F0RTH, posting under @forthy_boi, has shared a series of videos to their page, capturing a number of appliances.

"Sounds you hear in McDonald's," they captioned one clip, shared in March, which amassed nearly 5 million views, and can be seen here.

After the video blew up, @forthy_boi shared a slew of follow-up videos, as they explained more sounds commonly heard in the background of the fast-food chain, which has more than 36,000 eateries across the world.

They captured the baking oven, microwave oven, the grill where the patties are made, and fryers cooking nuggets and fries.

Although they claimed one common noise was missing from the ambience, saying: "That would be our quarter bell, unfortunately ours is broken and they ain't showing signs of fixing it any time soon."

Commenting online, Isaiah admitted: "I always thought that was like a thing to tell u a person is at the ordering place."

Michaela Doherty wrote: "That's what the noise is."

Mayte wrote: "This is what I hear every time I enter McDonalds."

Jaden asked: "Why is there so much beeping."

PRES said: "Finally figured out that nonstop beeping noise when we eat inside."

1219 admitted: "I would dance to these sounds while waiting for my food when I was little."

Petzka O joked: "Longer it plays better the fries."

While It's skat added: "I always thought they were the slushy machines working."

Their most recent video, shared on Monday, has amassed thousands of views as people commented on all their sound clips, asking for more examples.

McDonald's uses various pieces of equipment across its branches, including the fabled ice-cream machines and its ergonomic salt shakers and sauce dispensers.

The fast food chain's website has more information about its kitchen set-up, including a response to a query over how often it cleans its machinery and equipment to ensure everything is working.

It said: "All of our restaurants have planned maintenance calendars and all kitchen equipment is cleaned throughout the day, with daily, weekly and monthly closedown and cleaning procedures to maintain our high standards of safety and cleanliness."

McDonald's ice-cream machines repeatedly breaking down, much to customers' annoyance, has been the subject of much debate online.

The company even got in on the joke itself, tweeting in 2020: "We have a joke about our soft serve machine but we're worried it won't work."

Newsweek reached out to @forthy_boi and McDonald's for comment.

File photo of McDonald's kitchen.
File photo of McDonald's kitchen. Someone claiming to be a worker at the fast-food chain has revealed what the different sounds mean. Christopher Jue / Stringer/Getty Images

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