Meghan Markle Twitter Troll Posed as Black Woman—Data Analyst

A Meghan Markle Twitter troll posed as a Black woman to criticize the duchess and was suspended by the platform, a data analyst says.

Researchers from Bot Sentinel have been tracking what they describe as a network of hate targeting the Duchess of Sussex.

Early reports showed 70 percent of the online abuse, which Meghan previously described as "almost unsurvivable," came from 83 accounts.

Now founder Christopher Bouzy has accused one account of "blackfishing"—a phenomenon where social media users pretend to be people of color using anonymous profiles.

Bouzy highlighted one account in particular and wrote on Twitter: "This person isn't a Black woman, She is a middle-aged White woman pretending to be Black. Eventually, we will release a report on digital black face."

The account replied: "Bahahahahaha I can't omg bro middle aged lol last time im I checked I was born a Black woman lol.

"This man right hea im loving this dude, a middle aged what now lol aye bruh please remain seated but thanks for the shout out Christopher Bouzy."

Within 24 hours of being named by Bouzy, the account was suspended by Twitter.

A Twitter spokesperson said: "The account you referenced has been permanently suspended for violating Twitter Rules on platform manipulation and spam."

A report last week identified 245 accounts Bot Sentinel said were inauthentic and part of a network.

The report read: "While collecting data for our final report on the hate campaign targeting Meghan and Harry, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we received a credible tip regarding a 'bot network' related to our investigation.

"During our initial analysis, we determined several accounts were strikingly similar, and each account followed many of the same people. The preliminary data indicated inauthentic activity."

The report added: "Our research found 245 inauthentic accounts were part of the same network. Although each inauthentic account followed slightly different people, every account in the network followed the same hate account (@according2_taz)."

It comes after Newsweek revealed some Meghan troll accounts have monetized their campaign on YouTube or through selling merchandise.

One YouTube channel, Murky Meg, carried adverts from human rights charity Amnesty International.

The organization told Newsweek YouTube placed their advert on a Murky Meg video despite the fact the charity had signed up to a packaged which promised the highest levels of protection from hateful and sensationalized content.

Our research was cited by Safiya Umoja Noble, author of Algorithms of Oppression, in an article for New York magazine.

Noble's UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry is partnered with Prince Harry and Meghan's Archewell Foundation.

Prince Harry on November 9 told the Re:Wired online summit: "The term 'Megxit' was or is a misogynistic term and it was created by a troll, amplified by royal correspondents, and it grew and grew and grew onto mainstream media but it began with a troll."

He added: "I really feel as though we have to invest in and support professional, honest journalists who respect and uphold values of journalism not the pirates with the press cards who have hijacked the most powerful industry, the freest industry in the world."

Update 11/22/21 10:52 a.m. ET: This article has been updated with comment from Twitter.

Meghan Markle on Remembrance Sunday
Meghan Markle on Remembrance Sunday visits The Cenotaph on November 10, 2019, in London, England. A troll posed as a Black woman to criticize her online, according to Bot Sentinel. Chris Jackson/Getty Images