Read FBI's Mike Lindell Search Warrant 'Items To Be Seized'

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell shared details of an FBI search warrant for his cell phone despite being told not to "disclose the existence" of the subpoena.

Lindell, a Donald Trump supporter and one of the most prominent pushers of 2020 election misinformation, said his cell phone was seized by federal agents on Tuesday while he was at a Hardee's fast-food drive-thru in Mankato, Minnesota.

Lindell said he was questioned by the FBI about Tina Peters, a Colorado clerk who is under indictment over allegations of tampering with election voting equipment. Lindell said he was also asked about Dominion Voting Systems, and fellow 2020 election denier Doug Frank.

Speaking on his show The Lindell Report, the MyPillow CEO said he originally refused to hand over his phone and demanded to see a warrant from the federal agents.

mike lindell search warrant
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell speaks during a "Save America" rally at Alaska Airlines Center on July 09, 2022 in Anchorage, Alaska. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Lindell said he then called his lawyer who advised him to hand over his phone.

During the show, Lindell shared a letter from the United States Attorney District of Colorado which he said accompanied the search warrant which states there is an official criminal investigation of a "suspected felony" in Colorado.

Last week, Peters, a Mesa County clerk who ran for the GOP nomination for Colorado secretary of state in June, pleaded not guilty to 10 felony and misdemeanor counts including tampering with election equipment and official misconduct.

The letter requested Lindell not to reveal details of the subpoena issued against him as it may be "detrimental to the investigation" around Peters, while not under any legal obligation to do so.

The letter concludes by stating that if Lindell believes he cannot comply with this request then he should notify Aaron Teitelbaum, assistant United States attorney, who signs off the letter.

"Well Mr. Aaron Teitelbaum, I hope you're watching because this is your notification that I'm telling the world about this garbage," Lindell said.

Lindell then shared the search warrant handed to him by federal agents on Tuesday, as well as attachments detailing what the FBI hoped to retrieve from the MyPillow CEO.

Read FBI's Mike Lindell Search Warrant 'Items to Be Seized' List

"ATTACHMENT B Items to be Seized I. The physical cellular telephone assigned call number [Redacted] "LINDELL CELLPHONE"; and

2. All records and information on the LINDELL CELLPHONE that constitute fruits, evidence, or instrumentalities of violations of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1028(aX7) (identity theft), 1030(aX5XA)(intentional damage to a protected computer), and/or 311 (conspiracy to cufflink identity theft and/or to cause intentional damage to a protected computer)-(the "SUBJECT OFFENSES")-those violations involving Tina Peters, Conan James Hayes, Belinda Knisley, Sandra Brown, Sherronna Bishop, Michael Lindell, and/or Douglas Frank, among other co-conspirators known and unknown to the government (the "SUBJECTS"), since November 1, 2020, including:

a. All records and information relating to damage to any Dominion computerized voting system, including any impairment to, or attempt to impair, the integrity or availability of data, a program, a system, or information:

b. All records and information relating to BIOS on any Dominion computerized voting system, including any modification to, or attempt to modify, a BIOS setting.

c. All records and information relating to the attachment of any peripheral to any Dominion computerized voting system, including any USB flash storage drive or other external storage media;

d. All records and information relating to the operation of any Optical Disc Drive on any Dominion computerized voting system, including the use or attempted use of CDs or DVDs to run software:

e. All records and information relating to any software, program, application, or code used to obtain information about the configuration. security features, contents, or vulnerabilities of any Dominion computerized voting system;

f. All records and information relating to authorization or lack of authorization to damage or modify any Dominion computerized voting system;

g. All records and information relating to any attempted or successful misappropriation, theft, conversion, transfer, or exfiltration of any proprietary hardware, software, or other data;

h. All records and information relating to Conan James Hayes' use of another person's name, photograph, credentials, or other identifying information or documents;

i. All records and information indicating the geographical location of any SUBJECT.

j. All records and information indicating the state of mind of any SUBJECT, as it relates to the SUBJECT OFFENSES discussed in the Affidavit;

k. All records and information indicating attempts by any SUBJECT to conceal an individual's involvement in the SUBJECT OFFENSES;

l. All records and information indicating the identity of any person(s)-including records that help reveal the whereabouts of the person(s)- who communicated with any SUBJECT about any matters related to the commission of the SUBJECT OFFENSES;

m. Evidence of who used, owned, or controlled the LINDELL CELLPHONE at the time the things described in this warrant were created, edited, or deleted, such as logs, registry entries, configuration files, saved usernames and passwords, documents, browsing history, user profiles, email, email contacts, chat, instant messaging logs, photographs, and correspondence;

n. Evidence of software, or the lack thereof, that would allow others to control the LINDELL CELLPHONE, such as viruses, Trojan horses, and other forms of malicious software, as well as evidence of the presence or absence of security software designed to detect malicious software;

o. Evidence of the attachment to the LINDELL CELLPHONE of other storage devices or similar containers for electronic evidence.

p. Evidence of counter-forensic programs (and associated data) that are designed to eliminate data from the LINDELL CELLPHONE:

q. Evidence of the times the LINDELL CELLPHONE was used:

r. Passwords, encryption keys, and other access devices that may be necessary to access the LINDELL CELLPHONE;

s. Volatile data and volatile memory stored in the LINDELL CELLPHONE;

t. Documentation and manuals that may be necessary to access the LINDELL CELLPHONE or applications on the LINDELL CELLPHONE, or to conduct a forensic examination of the LINDELL CELLPHONE;

u. Records of or information about Internet Protocol addresses used by the LINDELL CELLPHONE."

The final page that Lindell showed reveals the items list also requested records from his phone's internet, including firewall logs, caches, browser history and cookies, "bookmarked" or "favorite" web pages, and search terms.

In a statement to Newsweek, FBI spokesperson Vikki Migoya said: "In keeping with Department of Justice standard practices, except on rare occasions, the FBI does not confirm or deny, or otherwise provide updates on specific investigations. This would include describing investigative steps we might or might not have taken, interviews we might or might not have conducted, and information we might or might not have learned.

"Without commenting on this specific matter, I can confirm that the FBI was at that location executing a search warrant authorized by a federal judge.

"Generally speaking, allegations of criminal conduct are reviewed by the FBI for their merit with consideration of any applicable federal laws, but such a review does not necessarily result in the opening of a full investigation.

"When warranted, we take any actions appropriate to the matter, such as seeking further information, referring the matter to a partner agency or referring our findings to the appropriate U.S. Attorney's Office."

Update 09/14/2022: This article has been updated with a statement from FBI.