Millions of Jeep, Dodge Vehicles Getting New Connected Safety Technology

Millions of Jeep, Ram, Chrysler and Dodge vehicles will be enabled to receive push alerts connecting them with advance notice or warning of upcoming hazards, incidents, school zones and crosswalks thanks to a new partnership between Applied Information and HAAS Alert. The technology is available in models that have telematics enabled.

The alerts are possible because of the vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connected technology digital alert system called Safety Cloud, which is run by HAAS. It will use Applied Information's infrastructure, emergency and non-emergency equipment to the Safety Cloud platform, connecting roadside equipment, signs and emergency services to drivers via mobile navigation applications.

Inside vehicles, this will show up as alerts within the infotainment system and/or instrument cluster screens.

"V2X solutions like digital alerts are expected to dramatically improve road safety for both motorists and pedestrians. Responders, roadway workers, and vulnerable road users face an increased risk of injury and death from distracted drivers that fail to safely share the roadway. Despite brighter warning lights, signage, and public awareness campaigns, every year, hundreds of thousands of collisions involving emergency vehicles, work zones, and pedestrians occur, often resulting in injuries and deaths," a joint statement by HAAS Alert and Applied Information said.

Audi connected vehicle technology C-V2X school
A warning appears on the driver's information display in an Audi E-Tron Sportback telling the driver that a school bus is stopped ahead. Audi AG

According to the companies, "an advanced warning solution to deliver safety messages to drivers inside their vehicles, has been proven to reduce these types of roadway collisions by 80 percent or more."

A trial of the technology has been running for a number of years in connected Audi vehicles in Alpharetta, Georgia. During that time, the Audis were able to detect the same types of alerts that will be pushed to Stellantis models as part of the upgrade.

Applications for V2X technology extend far beyond school zones and construction zones. The technology can also connect cars to enabled traffic lights, toll booths, railroad crossings and highway road signs.

"By embracing digital alerting and integrating with Safety Cloud, Applied Information is delivering on the promise of ITS and playing a critical role in making connected cities a reality across the country. Digital alerting makes roads safer, and our partnership with Applied Information will help us prevent tragedies and get people home safely," said Cory Hohs, CEO of HAAS Alert.

A spokesperson for Stellantis declined to comment when contacted by Newsweek.