Mississippi Bill Classifying Abortions as 'Murder' Introduced by GOP Lawmaker Dan Eubanks

A legislative bill has been introduced in Mississippi which would completely outlaw abortion in the state. Anyone who performs or even attempts to perform the procedure would be found guilty of murder.

House Bill 338, sponsored by Rep. Dan Eubanks, a DeSoto County Republican, would also mean any woman who attempts to "procure or produce" an abortion or miscarriage would be guilty of a felony and face a maximum of 10 years in jail.

Other felony penalties which would be enforced if the Bill passes include those who "knowingly give, sell, dispense, administer or otherwise provide or prescribe" any abortion-inducing drug to a pregnant woman, or those enabling another person to induce an abortion in a pregnant woman.

HB338 is also calling for an increased penalty for anyone who advertises medicine or tools that can be used in an unlawful abortion and that no public funds be provided to any facility which performs abortions.

Abortion-rights groups were quick to condemn the bill after it was introduced on Tuesday, January 18.

"The Mississippi legislature just dropped its first attack on abortion, HB338. Take action NOW; demand that your legislators protect access to safe, legal abortion," tweeted Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates. It provided a link to a form so people can tell legislators to "protect the reproductive health and rights of all Mississippians."

As noted by the Mississippi Free Press, Eubanks previously introduced a bill to ban companies from mandating COVID-19 vaccines to their employees.

In an audio message to supporters of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus on January 3, Eubanks said mandatory vaccines would mean "it is merely a matter of time before we as citizens lose all freedoms or say even over our very own bodies."

"It's your health. It's your body. And you should have every say on what is forced into it and upon it. Anything less is nothing short of medical rape," he added.

Eubanks has been contacted for comment.

Abortion is currently legal in Mississippi, but has some of the most restrictive measures in the entire country. Mississippi bans an abortion procedure after approximately 16 weeks, up to 20 weeks in a medical emergency or a fatal fetal anomaly.

Abortions in the state are also banned due to the fetus' race, sex, or genetic abnormality. There is also only one licensed abortion facility in Mississippi, the Jackson Women's Health Organization, which has operated since 2006 on North State Street in Fondren.

Attempts to ban abortions past the 6th and 15th week mark have been ruled unconstitutional by the courts.

A volunteer waits for patients outside the Jackson Women's Health Organization, the last abortion clinic in Mississippi, April 5, 2018 in Jackson, Mississippi. A legislative bill has been introduced in Mississippi which mean anyone who performs an abortion would be found guilty of murder. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty