Mom Shares How Her Animals Have Each 'Chosen' Their Favorite Child at Home

It's definitely frowned upon to openly pick a favorite child, but these pets don't care about the rules as they make it obvious who they prefer.

Photographer Rebekah Laskowski from Madisonville, Kentucky, recorded her miniature dachshund Oscar, and the family cat, Fat Rhonda, each waiting outside the bedroom door of their favorite humans until they woke up.

Although it appears that the children in this family don't need to change anything, the Canine Health Foundation offers advice for how people can improve the bond with their pets. Being the animal's caregiver is a major factor, so being the one to provide food, water and affection is a key component.

Training the pet with obedience will help them trust you more, creating a stronger connection between human and pet. Although you might hate having to do it every now and then,bathing the cat or dog is a great way of bonding with them as well.

Pets Wait Outside Bedroom Doors
Laskowski shared the video of her two pets waiting outside the bedroom doors for their favorites to wake up. @bekahlaskowski

Laskowski explained that Oscar's favorite family member is 9-year-old Georgia, while Fat Rhonda prefers 7-year-old Griffin. The now viral TikTok video explained in the caption that the "animals have attached themselves to different kids and wait so patiently outside of their rooms."

The video was posted on Tuesday and has over 4.6 million views on TikTok, as the mom-of-two wrote: "Watching them love each other is a gift."

After being inundated with love for her pets and their undoubted favorite children, Laskowski spoke to Newsweek about the loving bond her kids have with the animals.

"Our typical morning is hustle and bustle with getting the kids off to school, but because of the holidays, they slept in. I was sipping my morning coffee when I noticed both fur babies waiting outside their chosen little humans' doors.

"I grabbed my phone and hit record because I knew it would make my kids feel so special knowing their fur babies were waiting for them to wake up and play. It was a precious moment, and when I showed my kids they smiled from ear to ear.

"Georgia and Oscar formed a bond pretty quickly when we bought him for her birthday. We adopted Fat Rhonda as a senior cat and she was a bit slow to trust, but she warmed up to Griffin first and now she chooses to sleep in his room. It's been neat to see her gain trust with him, especially being a senior cat."

Once she got the sweet moment on camera, Laskowski let the two animals into the respective rooms so they could greet and cuddle with their favorite owners in the morning.

The clip received over 880,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Although she knew it was a beautiful moment to capture, Laskowski wasn't quite expecting it to become as viral as it has so quickly.

"I had no idea a sweet little video of our fur babies would explode on TikTok! It's been so sweet reading people's reactions and identifying with the video. I think it's brought back many fond childhood memories for so many people," Laskowski said.

Many TikTok users have compared the moment to the popular 1993 film, Homeward Bound, about a group of pets who do anything they can to get back to their beloved owners.

One person commented, "Reminds me of Homeward Bound. Each kid has a best friend!" while another TikTok user wrote: "Pets always pick a favorite human. I love it so much."

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