Mom Finds 'Coraline' Door Leading to Secret Room in Their New House—With Electricity

A mom is in shock after finding a "hidden room" behind shelving in her daughter's bedroom, which even had electricity.

The mom shared a clip of the incredible find to her TikTok page, @labrathoodz, late last month, after they spotted something unusual after moving in.

The parent, who explained they had moved to Old Dominion, near Harrisonburg, filmed the bare space, saying: "We just moved from Washington state to Virginia into this house, and this is my daughter's bedroom, and she was in here, looking around, and noticed this latch.

"So, we're going to see if this opens because it looks like there's a seam."

As she films, a man maneuveres the shelves, which rather than swinging open on a hinge, could be pulled out.

There were exclaims of "oh my gosh, oh wow, what," as a small space, with gorgeous wooden floors, was revealed.

The mom went to shine a torch to get a better look, when it was pointed out there was a light switch and light bulb already wired in.

The area appeared to have insulation on each wall, and the ceiling. But that wasn't the most impressive find, as she spotted a drawer near the bottom, which they opened to find some odd coins.

Inside a box were commemorative pennies, including a Canadian dollar, a special silver coin from London, Ontario, dating back to 1993. "The Forest City" was stamped across it, including the number 200.

There was also a South African gold coin, mounted with the inscription: "1/10 oz fine gold South African Krugerrand."


We're aware of some people thinking that this was staged but it's really just a cool find and we were happy to share it with everyone! We're going to contact the owners to return the coins #fyp

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While there was also a collectible coin from the 1988 Calgary Olympics, accompanied with a card that said: "This is to certify that your Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games coin is legal tender in Canada and contains one Troy ounce of pure silver."

Commenting on the space, the mom added: "This could be so cool because you could finish this, and it could be a little hideout."

The clip, simply entitled "Hidden room!!" along with the hashtags #coraline #coralinedoor #hiddenroom #hiddengems #secrethideout #virginia #fyp #spooky, has been watched more than 5 million times, and can be seen here, as the mom responded to comments the find had been staged.

She said: "It was just a crazy coincidence. We were shocked. Such a dope find though."

A follow-up video, shared a few days later, responded to more comments from followers, as the mom wrote: "We're aware of some people thinking that this was staged but it's really just a cool find and we were happy to share it with everyone! We're going to contact the owners to return the coins."

In the clip, she said: "There was quite a few that said this was staged, but I just wanted to show we just moved here, we still don't have any of our belongings.

"And because of what my daughter found in the bedroom she's not sleeping in here, which I totally understand. But still way cool, we were super excited about the coins, we ended up looking them up and the South African gold coin is worth a little bit of money."

While she also revealed more about the property, saying: "It's a 4 bd 2 bth for $1,600 a month. A bit high but we couldn't find anything for rent that was less than $2,000 a month in WA. We lived by Seattle."

People still found the room a neat find, as Samantha love joked: "Beginning of every horror film, put it back."

Vanessa Kristen commented: "And now you must check every shelf in the whole house for another lock."

Rooney wrote: "Fun to explore these old homes!"

As Christine added: "Wow what a fantastic find."

According to the Canadian Coin and Currency (CDN), the coin from the Olympic Games, which features a skier, is worth $20 Canadian dollars ($15.81 USD), and sells for $39.95.

While website Gold Reef City Mint claimed the South African coin was first made in 1967, and was on sale for 3,402 Rand ($226.)

Newsweek reached out to Lab Rat Flow Hoodz for comment.

Coraline poster and file photo of attic.
The "Coraline" film poster and file photo of an attic space. A family claimed they found a secret room after moving house. Getty Images / IMDB/cerro_photography