Mom Shares 'Genius' Hack for Reusing Cereal Boxes

Coronavirus restrictions are slowly being lifted across the United States, which means that, before too long, we will be able to start attending—and hosting—parties again. As any parent knows, planning a birthday celebration for a child is a whole other level of effort.

Hosts have to buy and prepare food, provide entertainment and decorate the venue—and that's not all. Many parents also give out goody bags containing cake or treats for their young guests.

This is a nice gesture, but it does not have to cost the earth, as one woman on TikTok has demonstrated.

Shannon Doherty, a mother of four known on the video-sharing app as @athomewithshannon, shared a creative hack for turning old cereal boxes into gift bags.

The video was posted on May 12, along with the caption: "What do you do with empty *CEREAL BOXES?*"

It continues: "Tips from Mom of 4 #momhack #parentinghacks #birthday #tipsandtricks #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok."

So, how does it work? In the video Doherty, who is standing in her kitchen wearing a tie-dye sweatshirt and pink headband, holds up two empty cereal boxes.

The footage cuts to Doherty using a pair of scissors, as the caption reads: "Grab some scissors and ribbon … cut the top of the box…"

After this, she neatly cuts the top away from the box and pierces four holes in it, before threading through ribbon and pipe cleaners to make two handles.

The video finishes with Doherty and her young daughter holding up the transformed cereal boxes, which are filled with tissue paper, proclaiming them to be the "perfect gift bag!!"

The TikTok clip has already been watched more than 637,600 times and garnered over 54,100 likes.

Many took to the comments to share their appreciation for the idea.

TikTok user Sal2929 wrote: "You post a lot of stuff that I wouldn't do, but I have to say this one is genius."

Another poster, Cristy Alvarez993, commented: "What a fantastic idea. I just cut them in an angle and use them to hold the kids construction paper for craft time."

A third user, Chrissy Horton, posted: "Oh that is so cute!! I never would have thought of that!"

This is not the only brilliant household tip that Doherty has shared.

She recently demonstrated a method for picking the perfect avocado, as well as posting a trick for organizing the kitchen cupboards. Some of her household hacks have had more than 1 million views on TikTok.

Child eating cereal
Stock image of a child eating cereal. A mom on TikTok has come up with a brilliant way to reuse old cereal boxes. Getty Images