Mom's Plea for People to Stop Getting Mad at Crying Babies on Flights Goes Viral

Flying with babies can be extremely stressful. Gone are the days of popping on an eye mask and snoozing through the sky.

Whether you are frantically shushing your child, wiping away tears and snot, or trying to distract them with toys, a confined cabin is not the best place for an infant.

However, all a sleep-deprived parent can do is their best, which is why accusatory glances or ill-judged comments from other passengers do not help—at all.

So, when one woman on TikTok posted an impassioned plea for travelers to be more tolerant, many viewers could relate.

Jennifer Fulwiler, a stand-up comedian and mother of six from Texas, filmed herself speaking behind a backdrop of an airplane cabin.

She began: "If you're flying with young children this summer and they become noisy, please take a minute to say to the other passengers around you, 'I am so sorry … that this is not something you are used to.'

"You know, in a lot of cultures, the sound of fussing babies is seen as a sign of abundance and God's blessing. Instead, our dumb postmodern culture sees babies as a burden."

The comedian continued: "We expect women not to bring their babies into public spaces like restaurants, churches or planes—or to get them to behave perfectly when they do.

"This philosophy is not only sad and the sign of a dying culture, but it places insanely unreasonable expectations on moms.

"A truly thriving culture would welcome those babies and all the inconveniences that come with them, and see their upbringing as something the entire community should joyfully support."

She finished with a plea to airline passengers: "So, if my babies start melting down on this flight, please know that I am way more stressed than you are, and maybe just give me a kind smile that says, 'Hey girl, you're doing a great job, your babies are welcome on this flight, and we are all in this together.'

"Also, are you going to eat those pretzels?"

Fulwiler's video, posted on May 29, has already been watched more than 83,200 times. It has also received over 17,500 likes and more than 1,500 comments.

One TikTok user, Violet, agreed wholeheartedly, writing: "It's weird how people can't conceptualize they too were once crying babies and that babies are human beings."

Another person, Alyssa F, posted: "I cried on a flight with my 2 year old when the lady next to me pulled out her iPad and let him watch downloaded kids' shows when he was upset."

Amber Brewer wrote: "I don't apologize when mine starts crying lmao get over it it's what babies do."

Liz felt the same way, posting: "and all the mothers sat down and said amen."

Nicole.norvell said: "I literally had a panic attack flying with my two year old last week because he had a meltdown."

A TikToker known only as K was not so sure, however, commenting: "I wouldn't judge any mom or even say anything about the baby's crying but I'm not going to be told I can't be annoyed."

Baby crying on plane
Stock image of a baby crying on a plane, being comforted by her father. In a viral TikTok video, a woman urges airline passengers to be kinder to parents. Getty Images