Mom Rages In-law Got Kids' Names Tattooed: 'Did Not Ask for Our Permission'

A woman who got her grandchildren's names tattooed on her leg without asking for her daughter-in-law's permission has become a hot topic online.

The mom in question, under username Nicr1, vented her fury on Mumsnet. She revealed her mother-in-law also had her own children's names inked on her body.

But Nicr1 was seething after being informed the older woman had added the names of her grandchildren to the original tattoo.

Nicr1 said: "My husband came home from a visit to his mothers house and has told me that my MIL has got my children's names tattooed on her leg above her own children's names.

File photo of a tattoo.
File photo of a tattoo. A woman has raged her mother-in-law got her kids' names tattooed. Piotrekswat/Getty Images

"I'm really annoyed as she did not ask for our permission! Both my husband & myself don't have tattoos and she knows how we felt when she 1st got a too [tattoo] with my husband's name on her.

"Any thought, am I right to be annoyed and that she should have ran it by use [us] first? I have not seen her yet."

Tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years, with an Ipsos study, published last year, revealing 26 percent of American respondents had at least one tattoo. That figure is up from 21 percent in 2012.

Nicr1's post, shared on Thursday, has already amassed more than 100 replies. It can be read here, along with various people dragged the mom for her stance.

While people weren't fans of the design, they overwhelmingly claimed the in-law didn't need anyone's permission to get a tattoo.

Ask your permission? Are you serious?"

NativityDreaming wrote: "How bizarre that you think your MIL shouldn't have bodily autonomy."

WindyKnickers asked: "She doesn't need to ask your permission. Who cares that Granny has a tattoo of her kids/grandkids names? I mean it's cheap and tacky and I would be cringing if it were my mum but there isn't anything you can do about it."

Raizin commented: "It's her body. She's hardly gonna be stopped in the street by people demanding to know who the names represent. Get a grip."

DogWithMyOwnRoom said: "Ridiculous of you to be annoyed! Can't even believe you're asking..."

TreacheryPepper wrote: "Ask your permission? Are you serious?"

CJsGoldfish wrote: "Is this for real? You are annoyed that a grown woman has a tattoo on her own body that you don't approve of?"

WhatNoRaisins asked: "Permission from you to get a tattoo?"

ImplementingTheDennisSystem replied: "Why should she run it past you?! It's her skin!!"

While Toponeniceone added: "She can do whatever she likes, but it is proper rank."

In the U.K., where the family are thought to be based, tattoos are more popular among young people.

Data from 2015 from YouGov revealed 9 percent of those aged over 60 admitted to having at least one inking. While 21 percent of those aged 40 to 59 had a tattoo.

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