Mom Regrets Using Voice Function On Son's Bedroom Security Camera

A mom was left regretting her decision to use the microphone function on a baby camera set up in her son's room after he reacted with terror to the sound of her voice.

In footage shared to TikTok by missmouse14, a toddler by the name of Braden can be seen sitting upright in his bed, loudly talking to himself, when he should be going to sleep.

His fun is soon interrupted, however, when his mom takes to the mic to order him to settle down. "Braden, go back in your bed," she says, with the sound of her disembodied voice broadcast through the camera and directly into his room.

The only problem is, Braden can't see his mom. So, to him, it sounds like a random voice has just spoken to him out of nowhere. His reaction, in that context, is perhaps understandable with the panicked toddler screaming his head off at the surprise interruption. The hilarious/terrifying footage can be watched here.


he's been scared of the camera ever since 😩🤷‍♀️ #fyp

♬ original sound - missmoose14

Describing it as "the first and last time I use the talking feature on the camera," Braden's mom shared the footage to social media, where it has already garnered over 9 million views.

In truth, she can hardly be blamed for trying something new to get her son off to sleep, given the level of sleep deprivation faced by parents.

A 2022 survey commissioned by Sleep Junkie found just 10 percent of new parents were getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night, as per the recommendations of The National Sleep Foundation.

In any case, her efforts drew a positive response on TikTok, with many finding the funny side in Braden's unfortunate screaming fit.

Dominic Johnson joked: "Bet he won't leave the bed again" with Bellathegooddog quipping: "Bros Timbers were shivered." Tbrown1998 commented: "So mean..... Do it again" while Im_Nadda_Blank said: "We use it all the time , but our daughter listens."

Others also urged the mom not to feel too bad for using the microphone. "Ours does that too! We don't use it anymore," Michelle Beauregard wrote. "I had the scare of my life when my husband tried speaking to me through it and it did NOT sound human."

Erinandhunter added: "I did this to my son, scared him, he got down in his crib faster than a Marine hits the floor for push ups during basic training."

For the most part, however, wisecracks were the order of the day.

Ryanstaggs493's was among the pick of the bunch with the TikToker warning: "He's sleeping in your bed till he's grown now" while Celestef_96 was convinced Braden "sounded like the old 2000 jump scare YouTube videos."

Darthxkim, meanwhile, couldn't resist a Stranger Things reference, writing: "He thought Vecna was after him."

Newsweek has contacted missmouse14 for comment.

A toddler asleep on a baby camera.
Stock image of a toddler asleep on a baby camera - a mom ended up ruing her decision to speak to her son over their babycam's voice function. Irina Velichkina/Getty