Internet in Disbelief After Mom Reunited With Purse and Driving License Stolen in the 80s

A woman was reunited with her purse which was stolen in the 1980s, which incredibly still had her driving license inside, a Reddit post claimed.

A Good Samaritan found the wallet "deep in the woods" in Montana, most likely having been tossed by a thief who had stolen valuables from a car after smashing the window.

It became a cautionary tale for the owner to tell her children about the importance of leaving items on display in a vehicle. Which is why the mom was surprised to be contacted out of the blue online, after a stranger found the wallet which had been taken more than three decades ago.

A photo posted to Reddit's HumansBeingBros forum by CanisPecuarius revealed a very battered card holder, covered in dirt and mud.

Despite weathering the elements for a number of years, what appears to be an old Maryland driving license was clearly visible, along with a blood donor card for the American Red Cross.

CanisPecuarius captioned the image: "My mom's purse was stolen in the 80s at a hiking trailhead. Today someone messaged her that they found it deep in the woods.

"The leather was all destroyed, but she is getting some cool keepsakes back."

Since being uploaded on Wednesday the post has amassed 58,000 upvotes, as they shared more details on the chance encounter.

In the comment section, they revealed the purse was initially stolen at Great Falls, in the Treasure State.

"Her and my dad were hiking there before my time. I've since been and it's beautiful there!" CanisPecuarius added.

And while some important documents were being returned, they confirmed: "Cash and credit cards long gone."

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CanisPecuarius explained more about how it was taken, and how their mom came to be reunited with it, adding: "It was stolen (window broken and other items taken), and most likely tossed into the woods.

"She thinks it's awesome! She told me the story of the theft for years growing up as a cautionary tail about keeping valuables visible in your car. The person reached out on Facebook Messenger after finding her profile."

Numerous people commented on the post in disbelief the purse was being returned to its original owner after all these years.

Kiddokush wrote: "What an insane world we live in! If that happened to me or my mom I would be absolutely blown away. Love this kind of stuff!!"

OddEpisode theorized: "Plot twist: the person returning it is the thief or their child. DUN DUN."

xXBobHollyXx thought: "The picture is eerie to me. It reminds me of cold cases. This looked like it could've belonged to someone decades ago who went missing."

Dead_before_dessert agreed, writing: "Yup. Been listening to WAY too many true crime podcasts lately and that's exactly where my brain went. This is way more wholesome and that makes me very happy."

"It's like a time capsule that only cost her a smashed car window and a stolen wallet!" Baconworld joked.

While Ink_stained added: "Oh my god, how creeped out would you be to find this deep in the woods? I would be looking around for a body to go with it..."

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Newsweek reached out to CanisPecuarius for comment.

File photo of a moldy bag.
File photo of a moldy bag. A woman was reunited with a purse which was stolen in the 1980s. Getty Images/Freer Law