Laughter Over Mom's Tale of Nearly Ruining Wedding Due to Pair of Handcuffs

The internet is in stitches over a mom's hilarious tale of how she nearly ruined her best friend's wedding—after her son found a pair of handcuffs and put them on.

Any parent knows children get into mischief, and that was exactly what happened as one woman got ready for her friend's nuptials an hour's drive away.

The mom shared the funny story to Reddit's Today I F***** Up forum, under username Snoopy---2022, as she revealed they weren't just guests but had extremely important roles at the ceremony.

File photo of child in handcuffs.
File photo of child in handcuffs. A mom has shared a hilarious tale of how she nearly missed a wedding after her son got himself in a pair of handcuffs. 7713Photography/Getty Images

She was the maid of honor, her 7-year-old son the ring bearer, and her 5-year-old daughter the flower girl.

According to, the mom's duties would have chiefly been pre-wedding, including help plan the bachelorette party and the wedding, but she's also expected to hold the bouquet during the vows and help the wife-to-be get ready.

The ring bearer also has an extremely important role, as the website explained: "They walk up the aisle with the rings tied to a small pillow."

And according to, a flower girl is "typically the youngest person in the wedding party and precedes the bride down the aisle (after the maids). In the main, their role is to set a happy tone and scatter petals as they go, or carrying a posy."

The mom explained: "As usual we were scrambling to get ready. I had just gotten the kids dressed in their outfits and was in my bathroom putting on my makeup. After about 30 minutes, it was unusually quiet. Whatever.

"I figured they were just playing like normal. I had just barely finished when I heard a timid voice from inside my room. 'Mommy?' my 7 yo says. 'I think I did something.'

"Thinking he just messed up his tux or something, I went into my room and then froze in disbelief when I saw him. He sat on the floor with a (real!) pair of handcuffs cuffing his wrist to his ankle. I was dumbfounded."

She admitted "so many questions" ran through her mind, including where he found them, as she went on to explain her partner had recently moved in, and some of his stuff was "lying around randomly."

"I ask for the key. He can't find it. The clock is ticking. We have 3 hrs til the wedding and it's an hr drive. We fiddle with the lock and try to pick it. It's useless.

"I call around to different locksmiths and find one down the street that can help. I end up carrying my son to the car, then into the locksmith's because of course he can't walk upright.

"The locksmith's face when he saw us was priceless but I was humiliated. How the hell do I explain how this happened?! Thankfully, the locksmith didn't ask any questions. He politely helped us by unlocking the cuffs and my son was finally free," she continued.

While this was unfolding, the bride had been trying to get in touch, asking where on earth they were.

The mom continued: "Meanwhile my best friend kept calling and asking where the hell we were, they were starting the pre-wedding photos! 'No time to explain now', I tell her, 'but we're on our way!'

I was dumbfounded.

"We had an hr and a half before the wedding. I drive like crazy to get there. We made it 15 minutes before the start of the wedding.

"My best friend was ready to kill me! We missed the photos but at least we made the ceremony!"

The post, shared on Sunday, has amassed more than 8,000 upvotes and numerous comments, and can be read here. In an edit she clarified the handcuffs weren't used for anything "kinky," saying her partner was once a security guard which is why he had them.

And after she told the bride the story, she says she wasn't surprised and found it "hilarious," as she said in a comment: "Locksmith actually had spare handcuff keys! He said it happens more often than not lmao."

Numerous others found the story funny, as Jammin_neB13 wrote: "That's awesome lol. Would make a good episode on a family sitcom."

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Cwthree said: "You must tell this story every time your friend mentions her wedding until the end of time. You must also tell it to every one of your son's significant others until one of you dies."

Samanthasgramma commented: "Tell the story at his own wedding. Did someone already say this? Sorry if they did. So obvious."

OkVolume1 thought: "If you and your SO get married, you must use the handcuffs at your wedding."

Skippyspk admitted: "I'm dying laughing at this.

Moonhippie pointed out: "Perfect embarrass the kid story for whenever you want to embarrass the kid when he gets older. Bravo! I'm going to giggle at this all day."

Lurking70 added: "You poor woman!! That must have been terribly stressful. I know when things go silent usually = trouble (I have a 3 & 5 yo). I did laugh tho, it's a pretty extreme situation."

Labtech89 reckoned: "I am sure that is the tamest use of handcuffs the locksmith has seen LOL."

While Shamesister asked: "Why do kids always do this when we have somewhere important to be?"

Newsweek reached out to Snoopy---2022 for comment.