Mom Shares Clever Hack for Keeping Kids Safer Outside the Home

A mom has taken to TikTok to share her clever hack for keeping kids safer on days out.

In a footage posted on May 20, Shari Medini, who is known online as Adorethemparenting, revealed her method while standing in her kitchen.

She told viewers: "Keep your kids safer this summer with this super easy mom hack.

"All you have to do is buy a pack of these Tyvek wrist bands – they're like 500 in a pack for less than $10."

She then pulled out a marker pen and wrote her name and phone number on the white bands, explaining: "Keep them in your car with a Sharpie and then, whenever you get to your destination, just write your name and your phone number and put it on your kid's wrist.

"It's water-proof, cheap, easy, and it might give you a little bit of peace of mind while you're out and about having fun this summer."

Medini captioned the video, which can be watched here, writing: "Easy mom hack to help with kid safety this summer #momhack #momhacks #kidsafety #familytravel."


Easy mom hack to help with kid safety this summer ☀️ #momhack #momhacks #kidsafety #familytravel

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The clever trick has so far been viewed a whopping 112,800 times and garnered more than 10,800 likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the method.

One TikTok user, Jessica Waller, wrote: "This is a great idea!!!!"

Another person, Liptonchickennoodle, added: "And kids LOVE wristbands! I would keep mine on from the pool for dayssss because I felt cool."

Caroline Nault-Ameis typed: "Most theme parks do this for you at guest services. But great idea mom."

Lil Miss Tino gushed: "Oh my gosh, this is brilliant!!!!!!!!!"

Anna walker explained: "I do this with my daughter. She's deaf so I wear one too so they match and people can easily spot me if she's non verbal."

Some people didn't quite agree with the trick, with Donya Tinbergen writing: "Never write your name on them!!! It is a way to lure your kid."

However a woman by the name of Isla Grace, suggested a small moderation that would help solve that point: "I always write the relation to the child instead of the actual name i.e. aunt or sister."

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Mother and child holding hands
A stock image of a mother and a child holding hands together. On TikTok a mom has shared her tip for keeping kids safe. Getty Images