Mom-To-Be Slammed for Taking $1000 Worth of Pastries and Blaming 'Cravings'

A pregnant woman has been slammed by the internet for ruining over $1,000 worth of pastries from her partner's family bakery shop because she had "pregnancy cravings".

In a post shared on Reddit on Wednesday, the woman's partner, who goes by the username u/098765439, explained that he recently got two massive orders for pastries for two weddings and a few other parties, and spent a whole week working with his team on the orders.

When the team finished the big order, he took them all out for a movie to chill, but It turns out, that was a "big mistake", and he came back home to find all his hard work of a whole week entirely ruined.

He wrote: "My now ex had a party planned... without asking me... in the home, I pay for while she just sits on her butt doing nothing. She's never had a job; she just waits for everyone to hand her what she needs."

The couple found out they were expecting a baby about a month and a half ago, but according to the man, she's been using it as an excuse to steal pastries from his shop, which first used to be only a few and then became a whole batch.

He added: "Yesterday was the last straw when I went out, she threw a party with 14 of her friends and they got hungry, so they made their way down to the shop and went through nearly everything my team made.

"Well, when we came back we found my ex and 14 of her friends wasted on nearly $1000 of pastries. I nearly lost my s*** and started screaming at her asking wtf was she doing and why she thought this was okay."

The distraught man said his partner blamed the mess she caused on pregnancy cravings, but he's now had enough of her behavior and has now kicked her out. He also lost on his sales and has had to give his customers a full refund, as not many pastries could be salvaged.

According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, an estimated 50–90% of U.S. women experience cravings for specific foods during pregnancy, which typically emerge by the end of the first trimester.

Among a sample of 400 adult women, about 76 percent reported craving at least one food item by the 13th week of pregnancy.

The post, which was first shared on the r/tifu subreddit, has attracted many users, and so far it has received over 47,600 upvotes and almost 5,000 comments.

Many backed the man's choice to leave her. One user said: "My stomach is turning thinking of eating that much pastry at once. OP, what kind of pastries were they? RIP desserts."

Another said: "Babies/pregnant mothers need to eat healthily. Binge eating pastries isn't healthy. That isn't going to give the baby the nutrition it needs to grow."

While a third wrote: "[Were] her 14 friends pregnant too or just moochers?! They sound like they're 12. I already know the answer but damn, didn't realize there would be that many moochers in a group."

Another commented: "My guess is that there was a selection and they all had a couple bites of each instead of whole pieces, which makes it worse than just eating less but whole pieces, at least something might be salvageable in that scenario."

And a commenter responded: "This is going to cost a lot more than $1,000. It's going to cost them future business and could be a hard uphill climb to restore their reputation. She's reliant on him, and she's f***ing with his livelihood. Just stupid."

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French pastries
A stock image shows a batch of fresh French pastries. A woman has been slammed for wasting $1,000 worth of pastries from her now ex partner shop. Getty Images