Mom of Triplets Shares How She Breastfeeds Three Babies in Viral Video

A mother of triplets has shared a video showcasing the amount of work required to breastfeed her three babies.

Nina Dufrenne, 27, who lives in Missouri, gave birth to the children—Aubree, Emma and Louis—back in January. They were put in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) owing to the fact they were born premature.

The young mom, who also has a 2-year-old called Elle, revealed to Today Parents that at the beginning of the triplets' life, creating milk for them was especially important to her because they were in incubators: "I couldn't touch them. The only thing I could do for them was provide milk. So I think I kind of emotionally attached to it."

Despite this start in life the babies are now all healthy. To celebrate their 6-month "nurserversary" Dufrenne shared a video, which has gone viral, showcasing her successful breastfeeding journey.

She overlaid some of the negative advice and comments that she received from hospital staff and strangers online.

These included: "We don't really see triplet moms successfully breastfeed, but you can try. Being good bottle feeders will get them out of the NICU faster, I would just stick to that. Your hands are going to be way too full to pump.

"Can they really learn to latch after being on a feeding tube so long? Is it really possible to make enough for all three? I thought NICU babies only took bottles?

Feeding isn't a one lane road. The message is never doubt a determined mother. Just let us feed our babies. #breastfeeding #fedisbest #triplets #fypシ

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"You're never going to sleep again. They're going to want you all the time."

However in the clips, which can be viewed here, Dufrenne clearly proves the naysayers wrong, with footage of the three adorable babies being fed, and the massive amount of milk she has makes for the triplets.

Dufrenne ends the impressive footage with words: "Happy 6 months nurserversary, my little ones," alongside a love-heart emoji. captioned the video, writing: "Feeding isn't a one lane road. The message is never doubt a determined mother. Just let us feed our babies. #breastfeeding #fedisbest #triplets #fypシ."

She also went on to clarify: "The description cut me off, but I just want to make my message clear. I'm not pro or anti one way or another. Just pro supporting other mamas."

"My babies take bottles as needed, formula as needed, tubes as needed, etc. This has nothing to do with how I feed them and everything to do with determination and support. We're all just out here trying to kill it as mamas."

The impressive video, which was posted on July 15, has so far been viewed by a whopping 1.1 million people and garnered more than 187,700 likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share messages of encouragement for the young mother.

One TikTok user, The_meta_mamma, wrote: "That freezer stash is the stuff of legends. You are seriously a champion!!"

Another person, Shanelle Gonzalez, added: "Hell yeah! Don't ever tell a mama she can't do something."

Lilmellennial typed: Damn that's a lot of hard work and dedication great job."

Jennifer Lee shared I made enough for my baby and donated exclusively to twins with dads! You got this, mom! You're doing amazing!"

A Lil bit of Erika gushed: "Look how big and healthy they are OMG this is inspiring. Is there anything you took to produce so much milk?!"

Kc Davis commented: "Stop I'm crying on an airplane now. Incredible."

Newsweek have contacted Dufrenne for comment.

Three babies' feet
A stock image of three babies' feet. On TikTok a mother has shared the amount of work that goes in to breastfeeding triplets. Getty Images