Montage of Jumpy Woman Being Scared Each Morning by Colleagues Goes Viral

A montage of a jumpy woman being scared each morning by colleagues has been viewed millions of times.

Whether it's a simple "hi," "hello," or "good morning," Deb, from Australia, has pretty much the same reaction. She screams, swears and occasionally follows it up with an insult hurled at the camera man, presenter Dan Anstey.

Anstey, who presents various shows Down Under, including for radio station Hit Gold Coast and TV show The Project, shared the hilarious clip to his TikTok page. Anstey, from the Gold Coast, edited numerous clips together and shared them on Wednesday. His video was seen 4.5 million times.

He simply captioned it: "Introducing Deb." While he added the hashtags "Hi Deb," "scare cam," "scare," and "Deb cam." In the compilation, hard-working Deb can be seen looking through folders, filing paperwork, chatting on the phone, typing at her computer and rummaging in her desk drawer.

Despite Anstey's various approaches, which even include coughing and handing her a roll of tape, she always appears startled.

He added some on-screen captions, saying: "I don't actually know how to not scare her this is as polite as I can be." As he set down the scotch tape on her desk, Anstey said: "Just trying to be helpful."

In one segment he approaches her mid-conversation, although Deb manages not to scream as she tells Anstey: "You're an arse." While he wrote in an on-screen caption: "I hope that wasn't someone important."

Deb's brilliant, and predictable, reaction has gone down a storm online, with Jackson Fryer commenting: "Imagine Deb in a horror movie."

"Quite possibly the jumpiest person I've ever seen," Katie Jay wrote.

Sambutlet542 thought: "Deb needs a private office lol."

Danny Tran joked: "I want a coworker like Deb."

Screenshots from @dan_anstey video.
Screenshots from @dan_anstey video. Dan, from the Gold Coast, says hello to his colleague, Deb, every morning, and gets a hilarious reaction. @dan_anstey

Bread Tomato reckoned: "Deb is a legend."

"Open office is definitely not for her," TikToker wrote.

Although Liz McNelis suggested: "Deb needs a corner office so she can see you better."

Kaystarr asked: "How is she not expecting this after a while."

While Graham Shep Sheppard declared: "The most scared person in this history of scared people! Aha dying."

Nikki praised her, saying: "Morning Deb. Ho you put up with @Dan_Anstey I will never know."

And seeking to explain her extreme reaction, Kimi Howard added: "It's called high startle reflex."

The clip proved so popular it seems Deb herself has started her own TikTok account, aptly called Deb_does_tiktok, as she shared Anstey's video on Friday.

Screenshots from @dan_anstey video.
Screenshots from @dan_anstey video. Anstey shared a montage to TikTok where it’s been viewed more than 4 million times. @dan_anstey