Who is Jake Lockley? 'Moon Knight' Post-Credit Scene Explained

Moon Knight introduced Marc Spector to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), a character who also has a second personality of Steven Grant.

The superhero, played by Oscar Isaac, has dissociative identity disorder (DID) which means he switches between Marc and Steven throughout the course of the Disney+ show.

But it appears that Marc has more than just two personalities to work with, as the show's finale had a post-credit scene that confirmed the existence of another: Jake Lockley.

'Moon Knight' Post-Credit Scene Explained

Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant and Marc Spector in "Moon Knight." Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.

The Moon Knight post-credit scene opens with Arthur Harrow in a psychiatric hospital where he has been since his fight with Marc in Cairo, which resulted in the Egyptian god Ammit being bound to his body.

He is taken from the hospital by a figure who remains unseen but tells the nurse in Spanish that he'll take Harrow and she should remain calm.

As he is pushed along the ward, Harrow notices that several of the staff members have been killed, while the man pushing him whistles a jaunty tune, and he then pushes him inside a limousine waiting outside the facility.

Inside the limousine is Egyptian god of the moon Khonshu, who Harrow laughs at and says he "can't hurt" him or Ammit.

Khonshu responds by explaining how Marc's demand he be freed from their contract did not mean their bond was severed completely, because his new avatar is Marc's alternate personality Jake Lockley.

Jake, clearly more ruthless than Marc or Steven, turns to Harrow from the driver's seat and tells him it's "his turn to lose" before shooting his gun several times.

Is Arthur Harrow Dead?

Given how many times Jake shoots at Harrow it seems reasonable to believe that the character is dead, however he is not shown dying onscreen because the scene is shown from outside the vehicle.

The limousine then drives away from the hospital without showing the inside of the car, thus leaving it up in the air whether Jake actually killed Harrow or not.

Who is Jake Lockley in 'Moon Knight'?

In the Marvel Comics, Jake is a persona used by Marc Spector and he works as a cab driver who gathers information that Marc then uses.

At one point in the story, Marc fakes his own death and goes by the name Jake when he flees to Mexico.

The character of Jake Lockley, like Steven Grant, is just one of the personalities that Marc alternates between as a result of his mental disorder, and each is supposed to represent a different side of Khonshu.

Moon Knight is available to watch in full on Disney+ now.