Mom Buys Daughter Facial Hair Remover, Sparks Debate Over Awful Presents

Whether it's Christmas or your birthday, we've all been given gifts we absolutely hate over the years, as we grimace and thank friends and family for socks or air fresheners.

Gift receipts are invaluable, while the art of re-gifting can also be deployed to save cash—as long as you make sure not to give it to the original gifter that is.

Now however, some people have called on a woman to give a "passive-aggressive" present back to her mother to make a statement, after she was sent a hair removal tool.

MonicaFaloolaGeller shared a snap of her thoughtless gift to Mumsnet, saying: "This is the most random, possibly passive-aggressive birthday gift I've ever received..."

Along with the post, she uploaded a photo of the product, the JML Finishing
Touch Flawless hair remover, on sale for around £19.99 ($27.63) in the U.K., where the woman is thought to live.

She later revealed she's pregnant, which she theorized could be the reasoning behind the odd present, although she claimed her mom has a history of poor taste in presents.

Explaining more in the comments, she said: "She has form for buying stuff that's not at all to my taste but she's upped her game recently... I'm six months pregnant and last time I saw her she gave me two dresses she picked up in a charity shop.

"One was a size 22 (I'm an 8-10) and the other was this massive white floral lace thing with huge shoulder pads that I would only wear to a Halloween party dressed as a pregnant 80's corpse bride. It would be a useful gift if I had a hairy face... but I really don't. This is not a problem I need to solve. And being preggo I can barely be arsed to shave the parts of me that are hairy!"

She raged: "According to Google it's essentially a shaver. She will have got it from one of those c***** TV shopping channels too so I can't even take it back to Boots or wherever and swap it for something I might actually use...

"Also the box is a bit torn so it's been opened. She definitely knew what she was giving me."

And it seems her mom was eager to know what her daughter thought of the tactless present, as she added: "On a separate note—got a message from my "D"M [Dear mother] today asking if I'd received my birthday present (I've not been in contact with her for a few weeks, long story).

"Given that it arrived just as is in a padded envelope, with no wrapping paper or birthday card or anything else that would indicate it is a birthday gift (and indeed, in a damaged box) do you think I could get away with pretending not to have realised that that's what it was?"

Her questionable gift has amassed more than 200 comments on the site since being uploaded on Friday, as people shared the worst presents they've ever received.

52andblue commented: "I had a size 38 T-shirt (I was a size 20 at the time) with the Oxfam label still on from my Mother for my 30th."

AbandonedCharacter wrote: "YANBU! [you are not being unreasonable] What a horrible present. My sister once gave me an electric device for getting rid of jowls/tightening your jawline. I didn't need it (then anyway)! It went unopened into the bag for charity."

"An ex of mine once gave me a box of VERY expensive anti ageing serums in little vials, from the MLM he was touting. End of relationship," thenightsky said.

Neverunderstood revealed: "I was given a jacket several sizes too small and a diet book one year from a close relative. I was unreasonable apparently to raise an issue with it as they claimed they thought I'd like the recipes in the book. I'll never understand some people. It's understandable to be upset/hurt op [original poster] but don't let it get you down."

HappyDaysToCome admitted: "My mum gave me chub rub shorts for my last birthday... Thanks, what are you trying to tell me??"

While ScottChegg added: "My late MIL [mother-in-law] once gave me heavy duty wrinkle cream for my birthday. I was only about 32."

Newsweek reached out to MonicaFaloolaGeller for comment.

File photo of a present giving.
File photo of a woman giving a present. A mom gave her daughter a "passive-aggressive" gift, sparking a debate over awful presents. Prostock-Studio/Getty Images